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Do you think we still need school?

We have many drop-outs that became successful. Well, to say it safer, there are who became successful in life that did not enjoy education in school.

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  • Mar 9 2012: This has been one of my biggest questions. I ask myself this almost every chance I get. Now that i'm college, it is probably a waste of my time. Especially when everybody is encouraging you to keep going forward. I find it hard to believe college is as necessary as people make it seem when we have people who haven't gone and ended up perfectly fine. I would hate to be the person who spends all of their life in school and doesn't get the opportunity to really enjoy myself because the book has been stuck to my face. At the same time, it seems like such a risky move because one who doesn't go to school does what next?
    • Mar 9 2012: Keep learning, stay active, and keep doing. As you are engaging within the TED community, I would venture to guess that you would be interested in auto-didacticism. I myself have struggled with keeping my interest in obtaining a degree. I found it much more enjoyable to teach myself via various reliable resources available to me. I find it common that many people sacrifice their happiness in pursuit of a degree that they don't want. Why do they get it? There are countless reasons but more often than not because their parents want them to and because it has become a necessity within the workplace. I wish it wasn't that way. I wish experience was still valued, but it seems that most employers are merely wanting their employees to have experienced college.
      • Mar 11 2012: Thanks for giving me a heads up about auto-didacticism. I did a little research on it already just to see what it was about and I found some stuff I really liked. I didn't know ralph lauren was a college drop out until his name popped up under the reading I pulled up.

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