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Do you think we still need school?

We have many drop-outs that became successful. Well, to say it safer, there are who became successful in life that did not enjoy education in school.

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    Mar 8 2012: That's a good reasoning wrapped in a not so fine question. Think of it in these terms: We don't need schools or do we need different ones?

    First, check the talks by Sir Ken Robinson http://www.ted.com/speakers/sir_ken_robinson.html

    He actually addresses this in a brilliant way. In sum (as I understand it):: The schools (educational system) can be viewed as a moribund child of the industrial revolution, killing creativity and dumping tonnes of "useless" rules and goals for people that might never use them.

    I agree with Sir Robinson's position, as in that we might need schools, but new schools, that respect individual goals and capabilities, that teaches not what might be important to engineers only, but what might be useful and interesting for each one of the students.

    The general disregard for arts and creation is a major problem, as is the academical "hierarchy" of sciences, defining what's "important or not" for everyone.

    The successful dropouts are usually successful in creating new things, in going against the norm, in shifting people's understanding of reality and what can be done in this world. That's the exact opposite of almost all the academic curriculum out there.

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