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Why does it have to be so hard for new talent to get into the film industry?

I find it strange that the entertainment industry complain so often about not having original ideas, but then don't actively listen to new creators.

I have a few feature films scripts, about twelve in progress. I also have an original sci-fi drama television series written. Other than that I am also a published writer. Why do agents/managers and producers ignoring all of those people like myself who actually have original ideas.

The next big ideas person in the industry could be sitting somewhere in the world and their talent is being wasted.

I would love to get your thoughts.


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    Mar 7 2012: New statistics show that paper-back book publishing is at an all time low and is a continuing trend.
    Ive had the opportunity over the last year to ask writers (mainly coming from article writers from a few of my favorite sites) why they chose to start selling e-books instead of publishing paper backs and if/why I should do the same.
    You may be wondering how any of this is relevant to this topic, well this is why..
    The unanimous reason is not because ebooks are becoming more popular, but because writers are getting so incredibly sick of being rejected by publishers for unknown reasons, having to jump through expensive and time consuming hoops and having to be as strategic as a military commander in deciding what to write, who to send it to, what to say and when to do it...all for the luxury of YOU paying their salary.

    It appears this issue is very much the same.
    My advice is that (for the moment) attempt to form a web series, like many others in your situation are currently doing; Perhaps in the chance of making a name for yourself through the back door whilst being as creative as you like.
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      Mar 8 2012: That is partly what I am doing. I only got into books as another way to get into film. My first book was picked up by a publisher in the UK and they want more from me. It's all about getting my name out and hopefully once the books sell enough I can try to shop it around to be turned into a film and that will get me in the door. At the moment I am starting to make short films myself.

      I guess it would make it a lot easier if a producer or agent came across this and decided to give me a chance. I don't see that happening.

      Thanks for the advice and ideas, will definitely take it on board.
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        Mar 9 2012: Joshuah,
        I just noticed this comment after writing my first comment:>) Good...you are making short films yourself, getting exposure, and if they want more from you my friend...give it to them!

        Of course it would be "easier if a producer or agent came across this and decided to give you a chance", and if YOU "don't see that happening", why should THEY see that happening???
        Believe in yourself and continue to do what you love:>)

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