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How will you take part in JR's TED Prize wish?

First, if you haven't seen it yet, watch the amazing TED Prize speech given by French street artist JR. He's initiating a spectacular global art project that anyone can participate in. But how? This is up to the creative imagination of people around the world.
- Is there an amazing "invisible person" you know of, whose portrait should be shared with the world?
- Is there a tough issue you'd like to stand up for in public with your own portrait?
- Can you imagine energizing a local community around either of these?
- Can you imagine finding a spectacular local site to post giant portraits?
- Other thoughts? (You may spark something for someone else!)

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  • Mar 24 2011: Profound and simple. Loved to see an artist who is committed to meaningful work ethic. Picasso (and likely all psychologists) stated that the purpose of art is to uplift humanity. I take it a step further and say that the only art is that which uplifts or contributes to the uplifting of, and appeals to, the consciousness of humanity. He has done that.

    In this horrific era of corporate monopoly oligarch blitzkrieg genocide of humanity, all non-violent self expression is a pathway to collective problem solving. Survival dictates we either use our creative genius, or die a miserable facsimile of life.

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