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How will you take part in JR's TED Prize wish?

First, if you haven't seen it yet, watch the amazing TED Prize speech given by French street artist JR. He's initiating a spectacular global art project that anyone can participate in. But how? This is up to the creative imagination of people around the world.
- Is there an amazing "invisible person" you know of, whose portrait should be shared with the world?
- Is there a tough issue you'd like to stand up for in public with your own portrait?
- Can you imagine energizing a local community around either of these?
- Can you imagine finding a spectacular local site to post giant portraits?
- Other thoughts? (You may spark something for someone else!)

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    Mar 8 2011: (i)MIGRANT WORKERS
    - from Romanian country side ... for example
    Nowadays there are some villages in Romania, particularly in Moldova region, where all the working force has left to work outside, in the Western European countries (esp. Spain, Italy). They are about 2-3 million people in this situation.
    In this situation, the villages have been left alone only with the children grown up by the grandparents!
    - My idea about JR's wish is to bring this people back in the village, back to their homes, to their children! I imagine posting their portraits on each fence of the houses, because on one walks on the street, can feel surrounded by them. This people actually send all their money to the families, they actually keep those communities alive! but they are not there, they can't be there, although they virtually are!
    - I think the local communities will react well to the prposal, because they all miss their relative, esp. the kids. I have in mind also a lot of villages around the painted churches of Moldova (UNESCO sites) that are in this situation. As tourists from the west or the capital are increasing in the area, they can quickly find out about this phenomena that is "invisible" at the first sight.
    - I'm considering now how to find the people to photograph them and their story. We can find out about their location by asking their families and go looking up for them. Also during important holidays, esp. summer/winter, but also Easter (April!) all this people try to get home, so we could find them on place.

    I'm really curious about your opinions and suggestions...Thank you.
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      Mar 17 2011: Great idea! :)
      And I am pretty sure that there are many other cases in which such a project would help.
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      Mar 28 2011: I think that you have a great idea right there, it seems like it could really have a big impact.
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    Mar 7 2011: Hi, I'm from Egypt and i was really pissed of when i saw the Times issue covering the Egyptian revolution . I agree that who initiated this revolution was the youth people at the first place, but there were so many people who are older (maybe 40 years old an above), people that have spent the whole 30-year of Mubarak regime, who are witnesses for many corrupted cases, who are really fed up with the regime. I believe that we should honor these people as we have done with the youth and to whom we relate this revolution.

    Something else, many cleaning and painting campaigns have been carried out in different areas in Alexandria. But most of them focused in the luxurious areas neglecting the poor areas which inhabited by thousands (we can call it slums).

    If we could bring these kind of art to these poor areas with portraits for the kind of old people who participated in the revolution, I guess we will change how the world see this revolution profoundly.
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    Mar 7 2011: I think a good idea could be if people from different parts of the world teamed up, took photos of themself and had them sent to each other instead of to themself. The messages could prefferably be something related to intercultural understanding. Something like if a picture of me is sent to Kenya, a picture of someone in Kenya is sent to Japan, and a picture of someone from Japan is sent to me, and we all paste them in our own neighbourhoods.

    A couple of possible stances
    "Even if we don't understand each other, even if we don't agree with each other. We have to settle our disputes through dialouge, and refuse to use violence."
    "Please teach me your way of life?"
    "On the surface so different, in heart and mind so similar."
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    Mar 7 2011: I am currently beginning a dialog with the Director of a non-profit organization that works with the homeless to provide transitional housing. I am hoping to photograph the agency's clients and paste them on the windows and walls of agency owned stores and offices in town. I wish to engage the clients to assist in pasting their own portraits and participate in JR's wish. Most people either don't know, or deny that there is a homeless problem in small town Idaho, so my wish is that this project will put a face on the issue; the face of a friend, a family member, a co-worker, a classmate. The homeless and those at risk of homelessness do not go away just because we can not see them.
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      Mar 7 2011: Messages that shows that homeless also have dreams would probably be very powerful.
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        Mar 11 2011: I got a "go" from the Director, this morning. We discussed that the most under-counted demographic amongst our local homeless population are the children
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      Mar 12 2011: I'm very interested in your Project Thom, I'm running a Project with the main aim of breaking Homeless Stereotypes too, how long have you been working on this/had this idea in your head?

      I'm only 19 and relatively inexperienced as well, so would you have any immediate advice I could take too?
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        Mar 16 2011: James, While I just started on this project, the roots go way back. Thirty-five years ago, living with my parents in a middle-class neighborhood in Queens, NY, I was first exposed to the problem of homelessness in a way that shattered my preconceived notions. My late father was on his church's parish council and brought them a proposal to bus in homeless women from Manhattan for overnight stays in the church's basement during winter months. I was convinced that the conservative church members would never let this happen. I told him that if he got this proposal approved then I would be his first volunteer for overnight duty. He did it.
        During my evenings assisting at the temporary shelter, I met women who were victims of divorce, abandonment and violence; they would wash out their clothing in the sink and hang them to dry while searching through the NY Times' classifieds for a job. Many of them had been wives and mothers who had not worked outside the home in for 15, 20 years, so employment was difficult to come by (this was the 1970's).
        Over the years, I have volunteered in shelters and with Habitat 4 Humanity while being a stay-at-home dad raising my two children, well aware of the feeling of financial insecurity that comes from not being in the workforce for many years.
        Advice? I contacted a friend who is the Director of the local St. Vincent DePaul and pitched him the idea. He has been very supportive. You might try that.
        BTW, I start today.
    • Mar 16 2011: Thom -

      I'm from spokane and would love to collaborate with you. I watched JR's wish the other week and can't get it out of my head. I had a few ideas, one revolving around homelessness. Perhaps we bring the same pitch to Spokane? Anyway, if you need any help or anything email me. tyler.tupper at gmail dot com
      • Apr 12 2011: Hi!
        I'm from Spokane too and was wondering if I could help with your project in any way. I just moved back here from Seattle and I'm looking to get involved with a project like this and think that Spokane could use some street art.
    • Mar 22 2011: Thom,

      I looked at your post and was reminded of an initiative in Victoria BC, Canada where an artist painted pictures of homeless people as a fundraiser. Here is a link that I found:
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    Mar 29 2011: My idea is to post, on the walls of my school, portraits of children from my city living in poverty who cannot go to school.
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    Mar 7 2011: I am very excited about taking part in the TED prize with my 16 year old daughter who is a keen photographer. We are hoping to photograph some of the homeless people here in Santa Monica and find a central location to post their pictures. This is an issue that is right in front of us every day in this city yet we tend to walk right by. JR's project could help us to start some conversations.
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      Mar 14 2011: Interesting idea. I live in Johannesburg and happened to be in Venice Beach after the TEDActive conference. I must confess, I was shocked to see the number of homeless people at the beach front. I think its a good idea for local communities to start engaging with what is in front of them.
  • Mar 10 2011: Using a mix of the roof painting idea and the 'hidden photo' method--that worked to gradually reveal images when exposed to dust particles--I'd like to paint a series of building rooftops, in white, at city block scale, to form a series of giant 'footprints in the sky' all across the US--to start a public discussion about collective responsibility and climate change.
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    Mar 8 2011: I am going to borrow a friend's camera and bring it with me on my next trip to Haiti in a few weeks. In between meetings and other activities I would like to uncover as many interesting stories as possible and capture some aspect of those stories in as many portraits as I can possibly take while I'm there. I can think of a few local sites in Port-au-Prince that would be spectacular sites for giant JR portraits. I'd be happy to help facilitate that if JR is interested.

    Thanks JR for being an inspiration to the TED community!
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    Mar 7 2011: I am an American living in a UNESCO beautiful Mexican City that is ranked as the 4th best city in the world by travel and leisure magazine. It has wonderful assets but the water situation makes me very sad . Development and lots of other factors I do not understand have made the water a disgusting green that is foul and smells horrific. This water runs through town. People dump all garbage along this canal and it is very unhealthy to breath in the stench.There is a nature preserve not far from town , where the water supply use to come from. It is dried up and has a huge dam wall that no longer is useful . I would love to gather pictures of the old crones who beg in the streets here and paste them on that wall. The begging old women , to me are a reminder of the goddess crying out to be noticed. I would love to find others here to help.
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    Mar 7 2011: i am inspired, to post images of Canadian aboriginal reserves
    • Tova P

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      Mar 7 2011: Sinn that's a great way to bring those issues to the forefront.

      What about bringing the faces of aboriginal people -- generally rural/marginalized-- to the face of major cities across the country? Humanize the issue in a way. I wonder if it would be as effective as the Paris project JR did.
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        Mar 9 2011: What about getting the people on the reserves involved in determining how to present themselves to th world? Native people are all too often "interpreted" by outsiders. Let them interpret themselves-- let them use the camera. And maybe let them interpret the cities, too. Then you would have something different than has always been done.
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          Mar 11 2011: I also thought sharing images of Canada's First Nations is a wonderful idea, but I agree with you Dayle Ann that the resources for the art work should be the people themselves. I read recently about (but cannot track down) an initiative to get digital cameras into the hands of young First Nations people so that they can document their life way and use it as a medium of self-empowerment. Low self-esteem and suicide is a major concern within the community that the initiative hopes to counter in some measure. I feel these two projects could really come together.
        • Apr 13 2011: You are thinking, I believe, of a project with the youth of Alert Bay, BC - I hope that is helpful.

          I have heard the sad stories of many exceptional First Nations people. My friend Hitlamas tells the story of watching the Indian Agents burn his grandfathers home after their community was forcibly moved. Another friend, the youngest in her family, was the first in 3 generations to not be forced to go to residential school. These people are very much alive today. People think these injustices happened hundreds of years ago but the history is much more recent. A way to tell these stories would be very powerful.
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    Mar 7 2011: uploaded a photo last night to . now considering how Seattle photographers and attendees of TEDxRainier can engage. I think we may have a portrait-taking salon one evening, where we meet and hold a discussion about what we stand for, then do a photo shoot. My personal stand is for safe neighborhoods where anyone can walk unthreatened at any time. Neighborhoods and cities can be safe places for all people.
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      Mar 7 2011: Phil, I don't know your time-frame, but my wife and I are moving from North Idaho to Seattle this summer (August-September) and I'd be very interested in learning more about your project.

      Thom George
    • Mar 7 2011: Phil, Great idea! I am interested in portrait photo "messages" about public health issues, such as smoking, vaccines, homelessness. A great venue would be Seattle Center--the 50th Anniversary of the World's Fair is coming up April 21, 2012.
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    Jun 6 2011: [JR TED Re:Prize] Portraits in Motion... Crossing Borders for peace.
    1- Faces on Kites that fly around the world crossing borders of conflict, e.g. Tibet to China.
    2- Faces of Fair Trade, eg. Portrait of person picking the coffee beans travels to the cup, coffee drinker faces in the fields.
    3- Faces of boy soldiers mining in the DRC, travel to your mobile phone.
    4- Return of Family Faces in IDP camps of Chad to their homes in Darfur.
    5- No Limits... Place your face in outer space.
  • May 3 2011: So I'm from a small town in Ireland, Birr in county Offaly. Its the kind of place you leave and if you get half the chance most don't look back beyond family duties and so the community dries up culturally due to the absence of the social gradient, all the links aren't present in the chain for the life there to be healthy. The education system in Ireland is 'points/scores' oriented, young people learn by heart the information they are given without any contextual education as to who they are as human beings, what kind of challenges we face and what their options really are and so the immediate life is often the only one they know.

    This coupled with the lack of inter-generational communication often leaves kids out of the loop socially. For those most unfortunate, failing to deal with a lack of communication and having no educative means in place they often turn inward to an increasingly small and dark space. youth suicide became a common occurence there. I have personal experience with this kind of epidemic, where suicide becomes the percieved symbol by which depressed young people communicate the hoplessness of their situation.

    My own cousin committed suicide last year hanging himself in the cattle mart just at the beginning of the 'dodgy' side of town. Three months later a fifteen year old girl did the same, that was the third youth suicide in a period of 3 months in a town of 3,500 people. People were devastated and the problem became very clear. One local woman Lisa Pardy began a facebook page to address the need for a space for young people in the town. In six months we have secured funding and premises and begin renovations in June. In Ireland there are many start-up youth cafés now.

    I would like to work with Inside-Out so that young Irish people can adress the issues they face in the public space to help bring life out from behind the four walls of isolated homes so that people can get a sense of social responsibility toward the whole community.
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      May 4 2011: Start photographing and send in your pictures for prints. The fact that your town is small and that everyone is close to this issue might make it easy for people to get on board with this art initiative!
      • May 8 2011: Yes, true, I'm away at the moment and so must wait, but also there is scope for a national version. Mails have been sent, let's see.
        Oh and thanks to the team for being in touch.
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      May 24 2011: This is pure Alternative history speaking

      The irish are the oldest of the white cultures of europe still in existence,maybe that's what the young irish need? "Return to the tribe"
  • Apr 7 2011: my idea to post a different photos of the people of my country for example rich people beside poor people , and famous beside unknown or street people and without any retouching or putting some effects to the well known one, cause we all are one ....... and I would like to put these photos in public places like Metro, bus station , garden...etc
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    Mar 23 2011: JR's team just answered my email!!!! :-D
  • Mar 18 2011: I work in a college in the south of England running a Graphic Design course. I saw JR's talk and showed it to the Photo dept... then we discussed how powerful and poignant it would be to:

    1. Show portraits of all the students who will no longer receive EMA (Educational Maintenance Allowance) and so will lose out on an education at the college of their choice

    2. Portraits of teachers who have been made redundant at the college because of cuts, then repeating the same throughout the local high street. Big smiling joyful faces of those who no longer have work - seems a good plan to post these on the walls of a bank maybe?

    3. Use portraits of local people with a disability and the charity organisation Leonard Cheshire to highlight the importance of access for all in shops and across the town centre as part of their 'Action for Access' campaign..

    The students are so inspired by the JR talk, they often use TED as part of their research and to see the world in a new way. I must say thank you for TED, it has brought inspiration to many including myself. : )
  • Mar 13 2011: I already did street art, but I didn't sign it then and won't discuss it under my name now. There is an idea that I had the first time I saw Face2Face on the Wall.

    When I was a student, I taught math to inmates. We were not allowed to wonder what they were in for, but personality and sentences were often give-aways. The student I taught the longest (and with the least math skills) was in for “15 if not 20 years” which is exceptionally long for a lenient country like mine—almost exclusively extremely violent offenders. The guy was a sloth, beaten by life more than anyone else, and that was in an institution where half of the answers to my questions were “to prevent us from committing sucide” and the other half “so that we stay locked in here for good.” Based on the attitude of the other inmates, and what he told of his family visits, I had to assume that he had been a child molester. A teacher of mine was framed for that years earlier, and he had the same attitude, beaten-to-bovine-stare.

    If I had the courage, the connexion and the political gusto, I would ask his photo, and those of his peers, probably their head buried in their arms, crushed by remorse, to be pasted on the outside Women shelters. They need reminders that the perpetrator suffers far more than they ever will.

    If you think this is too much, consider that every Palestinian has had half of his family blown away, and they welcomed Isreali portaits (and vice versa).

    What about reciprocity? I'm not sure having photo of battered women won't drop jail mood into an even deeper level, neither would staring eyes, and smiling women is probably the worst: forests remain the best idea.
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    Mar 12 2011: I am working with a non-profit foundation called the High Fives Foundation ( in Truckee, California. High Fives is dedicated to helping athletes who experienced a life-altering injury while participating in winter action sports get back to sports and life. The majority of these athletes have spinal cord injuries.

    Roy Tuscany, the president and co-founder of the foundation, is so taken with JR's wish that he is working with a professional photographer to capture great, artsy images of their athletes.

    The vision is to, at first, place giant posters on the buildings throughout "downtown" Truckee to inspire the full-time residents and the multitude of transient visitors who come to this sporting paradise near Squaw Valley and Lake Tahoe - as well as increase awareness about spinal cord and other traumatic injuries and the possibilities that exist afterward.

    There aren't many places in the world as beautiful, quirky and widely visited as the Truckee and Tahoe communities. Downtown Truckee is a collection of terrific old buildings that are reflective of the town's origins. The High Fives Foundation has tremendous support from the people of Truckee. This community works throughout the year on unique events for High Fives, including the recent Squaw Valley Prom.

    A project like this could easily spread - using the same photos - to other ski communities in the U.S. and throughout the world.

    The energy and inspiration JR provided to me and, in turn, this group is incredible! Good things will happen.

    P.S. on 3/15/2011. Highs Fives may approach the Tahoe ski resorts to place the posters on the bottom of the trams so the skiers below can see them.
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    Mar 9 2011: Yesterday I watched Women are heroes on Swedish television. I guess they showed it because of the International Womens Day.
    It moved me and made me get myself together to find JR:s talk here on TED and also join the community.
    But it also made me confused. What is exploitation? Are all women heroes, just because we are women? Or is that statement just a new way to separate the sexes. What if the title had been Men are heroes? I love being a women and also many times have felt oppressed as a woman. But I refuse to meet other individuals only based on sex or gender. As the artist formerly known as Prince sang: I´m not a woman, I'm not a man, I am something you can never understand...Let us be the beautiful mystery we are together and keep on sharing, here on TED and everywhere!
  • Mar 8 2011: I shared the video with my high school art classes today. The realease of a propsed state budget here in Pennsylvania has caused a genuine fear in my students. The sever cuts in funding will cause the demise of many of the arts and music programs in schools throughout the state. We intend on taking photos showing all of the many positive things that our school does on a daily basis not only in our shcool but in our community too. We hope to cover our school with these images to draw some positive attention to our school.
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    Mar 8 2011: I'd really like to stand up against hooliganism in soccer/football stadiums. There have been several incidents here in Belgrade, some of which have received major international coverage, which I am still looking for ideas on how to explore using JR's project.
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    Mar 7 2011: JR work is at the heart of my work for the European Capital of Culture 2010 in the RUHR: change through culture. ecce and its will reach out to the RUHR audiency to bring forward this wish; I hope we can mobilize and energize a local audience about the large-scale de-industrialization we have. I saw emptied cities in the middle of Europe - and dozens of empty houses like dead eyes and lost stories of life: Paris burning - isn´t it everywhere?
    I let you know more next week.
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    Mar 7 2011: I am targeting the diversity, inequality and other issues present in Vancouver. As a photographer, community developer, and someone who has access to Corrections, the Court system and much more - I already sent a proposal to a Social Justice Legal agency to pursue an "Inside Out" campaign in Vancouver.

    I will make this happen - no matter who supports me or not. Poverty, Wage Inequality, No Mental Health Resources are all issues I am going to try to address through my photos.

    I am 21, from Uzbekistan and I study Forensic Psychology.
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    Mar 7 2011: I think needs to be reworked to make it much more obvious to anyone what the project is about. The video at the first page sure is inspiering, but it is not very clear why it is important, or how people can participate.

    I think making convey its message to the visitor is one of the most important parts in making this project take of in the general public.

    Design the page with these principles in mind.
  • Mar 7 2011: I wish I were young enough to participate in this event, but there is an issue that I believe concerns youth that is not being addressed by America's public libraries and the American Library Association.

    Gangs are using highspeed Internet on library computers to make cross town and cross border deals, because public libraries allow anyone to use computer anonymously. Once you are finished with your computer session, any identifying information is erased from the computer records.

    America's public libraries are no longer safe for children and teens, because of this state of affairs. It is also easy for gangs to recruit members in libraries when there are so many children, tweens, and teens there without their parents.

    If I could do this program, I would write my congressman, senators, and all media to ask them to cut funding for highspeed Internet to libraries until the gang issue is taken care of. Once that has been done, congressional funding for high speed Internet can be restored.

    The United States is falling apart. There are so many issues to be dealt with, but maybe this one will merit the attention of one of your junior Ted participants.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Ruth Paget
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    Jul 16 2011: I think i will try to go around and try to photograph and journal the people and shops where i live that aren't all parts of enormous corporations. I will have to dig to find them though, since the only two that I know of are Japanese grocery stores. If i can find any that make their own products from scratch i'll put in as many details as i can ( i don't mean separating and baking a premade package, like the massive grocery stores here do) and i will try to document and share as much as they will let me, as well as what inspired them to create their store.

    what i care about is authenticity, and this to me, embodies that.
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    Jun 14 2011: Aftert watching JR's TED Prize + being a follower of his work already, I decided to purchase one of JR's prints to assist with + contribute to his wonderful idea to use art as a social innovation tool. BRAVO!
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    May 11 2011: much more, sorry for mistake
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    May 11 2011: Publish my book "LEVEL EMPIRE", money from my book give for people in Africa or Japan.
    Make my publish house- once, unique. Publish house like mine will be first in world.
    Trying to help people, travelling around the places where people don't like.
    And many , many more.
  • May 6 2011: Just as JR and Inside-Out are using portraits to humanize and draw attention to social problems, I think it could (and should be) easily be adapted to environmental issues, e.g. a large poster of a tree on a tall building or smoke stack etc. I think a lot of people are privately concerned with environmental issues but these concerns are dorwned out by daily life. If the Inside-Out concept is apllied to environmental issues I think we could see an increase in public participation in helping to solve some of these problems
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    Apr 27 2011: Homer, Alaska is the Halibut Capitol of the world. Many mariners have lost their lives in that pursuit. We will take photos of boat captains and post them in the harbor. Sea Captains see everyday the changes in the climate as they are showing up in the ocean from acidification to the decrease in species both in numbers and diversity. Their images could bring attention to "What the Captains of the Sea see." Their livelihoods depend on the health of the waters. The images will be a bold bridge between those who see and those who do not yet believe.

    Thank you JR for this opportunity!
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    Apr 26 2011: I don't think the world can change just by a perticular concept like art. However, this concept is unique and creative in itself. Above all, this idea is worth spreading.
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    Apr 20 2011: We are hoping to poster both side of the border in Nogales. This is a city in Arizona and Sonora, Mexico that is divided by a wall. We're also doing a project in Tucson. Its clear that the images are about the power of individuals, and have very little to do with the artist or the people who make up the project team so I would have to strongly disagree with Clay Blasdel's comment above. If you watch the documentary and see the transformation of the Favela in Rio, you see the power of this idea, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the artist's ego and everything to do with compassion.

    I think it is also very important to introduce the idea to the people who are going to be subjects and are going to take the pictures as a way of offering them an opportunity to tell their story, from their perspective. As the image is meant to be limited to a person's face, this conversation becomes simpler and the impact more powerful.

    In Tucson, the idea of Inside Out is to help our community heal after the violence earlier this year, and show our inner strength, the images of people letting their feelings (held inside) out (released). Art has always been a way for the artist to make love with strangers. If you love your community and love people, this is way to document the ineffable light shining from us all.
  • Apr 20 2011: [Looking for how-to advice!] [How to print out the big poster and in what kind of paper]
    my friends and i are totally inspired by JR's projects around the world. We had a discussion to do it in the city we live in. in some parts of my city, people are forced to leave their house due to unjust "urban redevelopment project" conducted by the city government and private constructors. Details are in discussion. Just post this to look for some experienced people to give us some technical in st ructions.

    1) in JR's website it only shows how to make glue, anyone knows how to print the huge poster?
    2) on what kind of paper? light paper or thick paper?

    really grateful if you can give us some hints!!
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      Apr 20 2011: Lisa, I see you are in Richmond Hill so it shouldn't be a problem to contact JR's team and register your project following their guidelines. They will then print up all of the images you send to them and ship them to your group, so you don't have to worry about paper. I also asked about making the large images and they will print out your image to the dimensions you specify if you want to do large installations. You shoule ask the questions dircetly to the JR team.
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      May 5 2011: Right on top of those gluing videos is an email address that you write to:

      It's little. (Are we talking Richmond Hill--Toronto? It would be great to see active, public art there!--That's where I'm from!)
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    Apr 7 2011: i live in a small city (by world standards) in new zealand - we are a patriotic lot but a little disjointed with our city energy and community drive....thats not to say there isnt some great stuff going on and certainly a better feel than the last city i lived in. i was thinking about a project where by i used my own talent of taking pictures of people and endeavour to take a picture of as many people in the city as i could...seems huge...but only as big as tme allows....i would then post all these people in a public can come and look at your community...even buy a picture of yourself...someone else (with all funds going to the charity of your choice)- thus bringing us a little closer together.

    as for the amazing person...i took some snap shots of people waiting at airports as i travelled...deep thought...musing and in particular the two young fella's looking pretty cool with there guitars and face masks passing through bangkok
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    Apr 6 2011: Huge portraits, spectacular sites, global art, one superlative after another. Forgive me for bing the skunk at the garden party but any time one man sets out to change the world with his idea, it seems like too much hubris gone amok. The word 'megalomaniac' leaps to mind. I think of Christo and his obsessions with draping his ego over otherwise good monuments. Big ideas can be good, but not this one.
  • Mar 31 2011: Why not post on the walls of the streets, how many people have been mugged in that particular place.. not just placing a text... but kind of a visualization with bubbles and stuff.. but people can be informed of such things right. If you think logically posting some information would really help people. This maybe portraits of people in that road or some thing interesting through pictures and images which might even tell a story about something that happened on the road.
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    Mar 26 2011: I'm trying to decide what would be an effective image to place on both sides of the border wall - between Mexico and the US.

    Also, Juarez, Mexico and El Paso have several views towards each other.

    Again, cannot decide what an effective image would be. Ideas? Sparks?

    Inspired to create a lesson around this for my class. I'll review border issues and show/explain the project. It will be interesting to see what my middle school students come up with. Our community is less than 15 miles from the border. I'll post outcomes if time allows.

    Thank you for starting this thread, Marisa
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      Mar 28 2011: That's an awesome idea! I wish my middle class teacher had been that cool XD

      Sadly, I'm coming up light on ideas for your image though...I would try and do something that kind of satirizes the anti-immigrant hysteria in the US maybe, but idk what a good image would be either :/
  • Mar 25 2011: I'm thinking of getting a giant picture of Justin Beiber and putting it on my nieces bedroom wall next to her Lady Gaga poster. Only the Irony would be lost on her, she's only nine. Maybe a huge poster of a homeless man instead, and stick it on the ceiling above her bed so it's the last image she falls asleep to (if she can) and the first to greet her on waking. Then I could find a homeless men's shelter for the Justin Beiber poster. Better still find the homeless man himself.. Stick it on his bedroom.... Hang on, he's homeless... Doesn't have a bedroom... I know, even better, I’ll stick it on him. Bingo!. Now I had another idea for a giant Che Guevara poster to blue-tack to the fridge of some arts student grotto.
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      Mar 28 2011: Wait, the irony of the the Lady Gaga/Beiber thing is lost on me too :( How is that ironic?
  • Mar 24 2011: Profound and simple. Loved to see an artist who is committed to meaningful work ethic. Picasso (and likely all psychologists) stated that the purpose of art is to uplift humanity. I take it a step further and say that the only art is that which uplifts or contributes to the uplifting of, and appeals to, the consciousness of humanity. He has done that.

    In this horrific era of corporate monopoly oligarch blitzkrieg genocide of humanity, all non-violent self expression is a pathway to collective problem solving. Survival dictates we either use our creative genius, or die a miserable facsimile of life.
  • Mar 24 2011: I would do as I am doing. Continue to assimilate and disseminate knowledge of truths that reveal the dynamics creating and removing threats to humanity, with whatever profound or out of the ordinary means that I can muster. The idea is to encourage others to seek, varify, talk about and mentally address their own condition in a way that enhances factual universal truth consciousness enough to contribute to a unified one.
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    Mar 21 2011: We are holding a event which we will take pictures of the students and staff in our university in Taiwan and post their portrait around the school. reminding them they are actually people here. they should focus on the environment of where they study, instead of go home or library right after they finish their class.

    Art can change the world
  • Mar 16 2011: Thom -

    I'm from spokane and would love to collaborate with you. I watched JR's wish the other week and can't get it out of my head. I had a few ideas, one revolving around homelessness. Perhaps we bring the same pitch to Spokane? Anyway, if you need any help or anything email me. tyler.tupper at gmail dot com
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    Mar 16 2011: Sharing JR's talk with right people, who can support to make his wish come true...

    For example: Igitian Fin Arts Center in Armenia...
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    Mar 16 2011: I am completely inspired by JR's talk! I am part of a start-up undergraduate non-profit organization founded at Yale University called United Against Infectious Diseases (UAID), a 501c3 volunteer organization that empowers domestic and international communities. UAID promotes research and advocacy in infectious diseases, and provides HIV/AIDS testing, counseling, and awareness initiatives to at-risk populations. We are hoping to incorporate the Inside Project in our awareness campaigns in Panama by posting giant portraits of people from diverse backgrounds who got tested for HIV through our program. We are hoping to utilize this creative medium to eliminate the stigma attached to the disease and increase awareness.

    If anyone is interested in getting involved, please visit the UAID website at or e-mail us at
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    Mar 15 2011: I cant even access his website for some odd reason :/
  • Mar 14 2011: a very inspiring post.
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    Mar 13 2011: The City of Antwerp is currently revieuwing my proposal...

    They want to get involved and mailed me about it during the conference

    Might want to integrate it with TEDxFlandersYouth and Antwerp being the European Youth Capital of 2011

    Children's faces on all the buildings showing the future generation of Antwerp!

    I gained Funding! I can make 100 posters for my neigbourhood: I'm setting up meetings with photographers to go to the streets and ask kids to make pictures of them (asking permission from their parents).
    I would love to see the result of "our future generation" hanging on the walls of the City of Antwerp!
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      Jul 17 2011: I had the same idea, to associate the I/O project to TEDxLakeComo 2011 that I am organizing on november,5.
      The poster will be shown in the TEDxlakeComo site and the children shots projected on white wall of one of the most important building of the city.
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    Mar 12 2011: I'm fortunate enough to be running a Project where artwork (Photography, film, media, dance, literature, poetry etc.) is used to challenge negative stereotypes associated with Youth Homelessness (E.g. all Youth Homeless are addicts, alcoholics, criminals, have no future, will rely on state welfare for most of their life etc.) and influence a change in Homelessness Policy in the UK, and JR's "Inside Out Project" is perfect for what I'm hoping to do.

    With the minimum resources I have available to me, I can get Portrait Prints for free, use them in in a way that forces the public to question the message and acknowledge that Youth Homelessness is an issue in the UK (If you were on the subway to work, and you saw a Homeless Person dressed in rags get on the same train, do you acknowledge them? or do you turn away and refuse to see them?), and also take part in a truly incredible Project JR is working on.
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    Mar 11 2011: great ideas. thanks for sharing guys.

    we're still mulling over what we'll do. hoping to find some spaces in our city to share stories (through the photos) in order to bring people together.
    we've been thinking.. a lot of youth photos.. because youth are wanting to help facilitate some good and some connections for our community.
    but we're also thinking combo photos, like JR did, of unlikely connections in the community.
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    Mar 10 2011: I want to promote this in as many ways as I can. I sent out an announcement to the lists I participate in and posted to some private forums as well. I included a picture of me picking up my photo from the TED Prize photo booth in Long Beach ( I think it's a lot easier to believe the project is doable if you see someone you know going through the steps.

    A friend forwarded the email to two art centers in middle Tennessee. Both are considering getting building size images.

    I changed my avatar on a number of my social media sites to show the picture of me picking up the poster . I included the insideoutproject URL in my profile description.

    I actually got two posters at the TED Prize photo booth. The first one had a smaller face image since I was further from the camera. I guess it was my learning pose. I put that one in the window of my San Francisco apartment (

    My next effort will be to contact the owners of small businesses I frequent to see if they will consider build-sized images or other donation.
  • Mar 9 2011: I designed a mural for the Baltimore Freedom Academy in Baltimore, MD. It was one of the most rewarding projects I've ever been a part of, since the response from the children was overwhelming and inspiring. The children were passionate about getting involved and seemed truly grateful for a splash of color (and a powerful message) in their school.
  • Mar 9 2011: I would like to plaster ugly concrete box buildings with pictures of beautiful crumbling old ones. One of the reasons being, Malaysia razed to the ground a national heritage site, a 100+ year old jail smack in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. Despite protests, they continued with it. Now they are planning to build a 100 storey shopping mall. 100yr history vs. 100 floors of unnecessary consumption. Shameful.
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    Mar 9 2011: I have been considering two options

    1- Some collaborative effort between TEDsters in Pakistan and India using the power of imagery as a suggestion to peace in the region, maybe the pictures of eyes sprayed across the border, the most accessible border crossing being the Wagah border can be used to make a statement of peace in the region, this needs a collaborative effort between the two nations and will also send a strong message as well

    2- Another suggestion would be to launch a massive effort in Pakistan using the pictures [eyes] of victims of terrorism [bomb blasts and other heinous attacks on peace loving people] and using their images to plaster them across Pakistan as if to suggest that these people are looking back at you.

    Both ideas are workable solutions, and a few friends are already working with the hope of starting this effort on a wider scale, possibly hope to orchestrate this during an upcoming TEDx event in Karachi or likewise
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    Mar 9 2011: The definition of art varies widely from society to society, community to community and individual to individual. As has been variously pointed out on the internet in the TED community, putting photos of people (exploited or not) as has been done in the Brazilian Favela not only may not be considered art, but might also expose those people to further exploitation.

    Recognizing this context, might it be possible to "extend" JR's context and print not just faces but other objects/scenes to communicate a message through Art? This is definitely a topic that needs to be explored. Perhaps we will have an answer from JR on this question.

    In the meanwhile, there are a number of photo libraries that I have access to via my own blog and my friends blog, say of people in the slums of Dharavi, (not very far from where I grew up) which I will have submitted so that the pool of faces can be expanded and the broader vision of JR's message can be realized.
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    Mar 9 2011: I am an artist and I've had this seed in me for a long time, not knowing what expression it wants to take, or in what form. JR's talk has knocked me right out of the expected. I live in a village that has strange schisms of class and power that are not allowed acknowledgment, and are couched in terms that deny the reality. I am wondering if I can document those through simple photographs (with my very small and simple digital camera), of people in front of their homes or at work, looking directly into the camera. I take a lot of photos, but not as art for a long time. This I can do, I think, without offending or threatening people, and letting them discover the message for themselves, with dignity.
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    Mar 8 2011: Here in Vancouver, we are planning to photograph some of the drug addicts in the East Hastings area (with their permission of course). They are a huge population often ignored in our city (the "most livable" city on earth). We'd like to paste them all over town, but we're worried a bit about the police.

    We'll see how it turns out :)
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    Mar 8 2011: I will present the idea to our local Vagina Monologues cast and see how we can forward both messages.
  • Mar 8 2011: I have some pictures of friends from other parts of the world i would like to use for this, but the photos do not fit the strict guidelines on background etc. I am unable to take photos of them now or practically speaking even contact them, and they are unable to take photos of themselves (an example is some are hunter-gatherers from Tanzania).

    Is it still possible to get posters of the photos i do have?
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    Mar 7 2011: I am in conversations with local organizations to figure this out. I envision a large-scale city-wide installation in Portland, Maine, either preceding our annual TEDx event or coming out of it. We may do a salon dedicated to this or piggyback with other happenings such as Greendrinks, first day of school, multicultural fairs, interfaith groups....we don't know yet.

    Some potential areas to highlight that have been mentioned include: homelessness; new Americans; art/artists; climate change...There is always the opportunity to stand up a community that believes in the power of ideas! More conversations to come and more details will follow.
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      Mar 9 2011: It's a weirdly specific idea, but how about exhibiting people that ride bikes and maybe why they ride bikes. From what I've seen that neatly includes the homeless, new Americans, artists, people concerned with climate change...
  • Mar 7 2011: I would like to take part but I can't think of any issue I'd like to stand up for, any person that should be shared or any good location to put the portrait. But maybe I'll figure something out later.
    -other thoughts.
    About changing the world with art. Sometimes when I paint something in school, instead of brining it home I tape it to the wall at some random place in school. It's against the rules but I can't see why it would upset anyone and if it seriously upsets them they can just take it down. (Also, they probably don't know I put it on the wall without permission! Haha! I win!) I don't think it's changing the world but hopefully it's making it a little bit prettier :)