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What does society means to you? And, do you think ours is working?

I have been struggling with the concept of society lately, mostly because of the political situation in the US, where both sides are pushing to their extremes with out reaching an agreement in nearly anything. I believe that a country needs to have a strong social safety net where everyone can have the same, or similar, opportunities to grow and contribute to society. But I feel that the views in this country are so polarized that made me question the concept of society that we have as a "society" today.

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  • Mar 7 2012: Either in India or in US - ( both are democratic countries) politics are based on different kind of beliefs and ideologies. Where as the erstwhile Soviet Union's ideology was giving a strong social safety net where every one will get same payment and government was only dolling out the opportunities and contribute to the society. What is Society? In fact there is no such thing called Society. When we are in trouble, when we are in need and when we are alone - we talk about society and ethics. If we are running a good enterprise or making good money - we may not bother about it. So long we stay in our home, we live as we like, eat what we can afford and like. We have no dress code in our home, table manners and no strict rules etc., But the moment we step outside, we look around for shoes, ironed trousers, neat face, - in fact we try to compare ourselves with others and really wanted to out do others by wearing costly dress etc., We follow certain rules and codes and we insist on freedom of speech and freedom of work etc. We will not tolerate any limitations or conditions or censor.
    In a democracy - you chose the people to manage YOU. As there is a free speech and independence - we are allowed to propagate and create a following for our ideas, ( if we can).
    All the societies are working -- OR we feel they are working. Because the so called society is a myth, self generated concept, an ideal, feel-good factor and a comfort zone created for each one.
    Compare to the living conditions ( I would like to rename it instead of calling Society) what we democratic countries are enjoying - with those countries like Syria or Iran or Cuba etc., we should be tankful to our forefathers.

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