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Does anyone know of an original science fair project?

My 14 year old son has wanted to become a scientist since before I can remember. An opportunity has come up for him to enter into a science fair but I need some ideas.

It would be the first science fair he has entered into so it doesn't matter if he wins or not, just the participation I believe would be a good experience for him.

There is no better place to ask than the TED community, all ideas would really be appreciated.


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    Mar 7 2012: How about a project illustrating the construct of the Scientific Method? It would be helpful, interesting and enlightening.
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      Mar 7 2012: Hi Edward, Do you mean a project about the components of the Scientific Method? As in, would there be any other components of the Scientific method scientist could include to come to their conclusions?
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        Mar 8 2012: Many folks are unfamiliar with the prescribed method of scientific investigation which is the prevailing, and venerated, rule for all credible scientific effort. It is concise and comprehensive at the same time. Some say it is one of man's best inventions. Have your 14- year-old look it up. You could include an actual example with each step of the process. Enjoy!

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