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What do you think the U.S should do about the current situation in Iran?

There are multiple things that come into play with the situation in Iran. there are the death threats, Iran saying that they're going to "wipe Israel off the face of the Earth", the fact they now have nuclear weapons and are lying about their purpose, and anything else you can think of. I was just wondering what your guy's opinions were. Do you think that we could end up i n a nuclear war?


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  • Mar 7 2012: Apologize for their past behavior and then work on a peace treaty with Iran, else we'll have a world war on our necks. Israel needs to just suck it up, because Russia and China will stand up for Iran against US and Israel. With that in mind I do think that the only sensible thing to do is to "pull the plug" to the conflict, ie US/NATO military involvement in the middle east. Sure, then we won't have control over oil, but we need to get rid of oil usage anyway.

    I realize that there is huge capital involved in the opposite of what I think as the US politicians are legally bribed (would be called corruption anywhere else in the world) by the capital, and the capital have interests in the middle east.
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      Mar 8 2012: What about all nuclear power country disbanding there nukes ? Isn't it a great idea ?
      • Mar 8 2012: I couldn't agree more, and for that very reason I think that it's not only unwise, but also flat out stupid to provoke Iran, who in turn have support from the whole middle east and, Russia and China. If anything, Israel is just a few atomic bombs away from total annihilation, and US may stand alone, because I highly doubt that EU are going to be willing to enter a world war versus the east with USA. So to avoid this mess, let's just take a few steps back and look, what is making Iran feel that they need nuclear weapons? If you're able to process that through, the answer is pretty clear: the constant threat of USA terrorizing the middle east and other parts of Asia. And the Asians will defend other Asians against the bully as they strongly value collectivism as something good. North Korea will be a wildcard, what are they capable of? No one really knows, but they do indeed have weapons of mass destruction, so let's not wake the sleeping bear, because it will get messy if we do. And eventually South/Middle America, and probably also the parts of Africa that are capable of international warfare will sympathize with Asia, and Europe will stand in the middle, paralyzed and not knowing what to do.

        And what would the outcome of that be? The American based economic system would absolutely collapse to a mere nothing as the USA depends on import/export to even breathe.

        So in essence... If USA makes an official apology to Asia as a whole for their military involvement then pretty much all organized resistance/force against USA will be blown away, and if we then also open Israel as a multicultural state instead of heavily Zionist, we may actually have something that looks like harmony and peace. The conflict over Israel won't stop because of that, no, but it won't be in the grand scale of things where nuclear bombs are the weapons of choice. And after that, let's make peace resolutions about abandoning nuclear bombs!

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