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Supporting more clean water projects.

My idea is to simply run a tshirt/art line that supports clean water projects around the world. With Mar 22nd marking World Water Day, im looking to try and make a splash in this cause with my tshirts! Im open to all sorts of ideas and sponsors to help shape this project.
Im big on supporting artists, and very fair w compensation for those involved. I'm big on utilizing current technologys(paypal x split payments comes to mind) to integrate and streamline a realtime payment system for charitys and artists involved.

Thanks so much

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    Mar 6 2012: How about a line of reusable water bottles with appropriate messaging? Not only is most tap water of better quality and subjected to more stringent regulatory standards than bottled water (certainly in the developed world), but the bottled water industry is grossly water inefficient compared to public water supply systems. Very few people are aware of this, and public supply of safe,clean water is critical in terms of social equity.
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      Mar 7 2012: Great Idea! I think it may be appropriate for us when starting to convey this message we will ship empty water bottles with appropriate messaging (feel free to suggest messages) .

      This is a issue, I've seen a lot of public water fountains in parks and downtown districts get abandonded(non working public fountains) and instead you get water bottles littered everywhere.