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Perhaps we give our schedules too much power and unscheduled time not enough.

Talk about a limited resource: TIME.

I propose that we, especially Americans, over-schedule ourselves so that time passes by too quickly and we don't even realize how much we miss out. Especially if you have traveled a bit and learned how other cultures spend waking hours, you might have learned some of the same things that I have. Generally, fewer to-do's and more time margin allows for great experiences and richness of life.


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    Mar 7 2012: In Europe, too
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      Mar 7 2012: Bastian - where do you live in Europe? I have spent some time over there and can definitely see how you guys could use some scheduled margin to slow down and see where life leads instead of us leading life all the time. Do you think this is possible? Would your professional friends see the value in leaving some holes in their day?

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