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What is the Ideal order of good life?

What is good? What is the essence of good life?


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    Mar 10 2012: Good depends on the context

    In regards to a good life, rather than a good book, good cake, good person or good act....
    Are you referring to what is a desirable life or what is an ethically well founded life?
    Maybe the ideal is a connection of both.

    We all seem to make up our own framework of what a good life means.
    Often with many similarities.
    Suggest a balance of self and others.
    Agree with Mary. Also suggest a good life is one you might look back on and say it was good.
    More happy memories, more satisfaction, less regrets, more feeling you made a difference - whatever is important to you - done reasonably well. Less suffering, more happy moments.

    Life goes so fast. Life or the quality of life can be lost in a moment. Thanks for the reminder to reflect on this.

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