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What is the Ideal order of good life?

What is good? What is the essence of good life?

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    Mar 7 2012: Hello Mark,

    I have thought about this question since you posted it.

    In mho a good life is one that you have "lived".

    I think that living and surviving are two separate things.

    In spanish we say live.....vivir and survive....sobrevivir.

    Notice the prefix in the survive translation. Many times I will ask today strangers,

    so, are you living (viviendo) or surviving (sobreviviendo)?

    The ideal order I think doesn't exist. Except that one would want to of course enjoy the love of another for as long as possible, so many marry young. And if you want to have a family.....well then you can't wait until you are 80 to have children.

    I think that a good life is one that is lived with purpose. And I think you should strive to give more than you receive.

    There are many many ways to answer your question. I look forward to reading more replies soon.

    Be Well Mark-Maria

    [EDIT]** Surviving (sobreviviendo) is going through the motions.......every day the same learning.......just THAT is not living!! IMHO
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    Mar 11 2012: You must come clear to understand that "you" and "life" are not separate from each other. You are life! The essence of good life is to stay in the moment which is always your purpose. Forget the time you spend in the past, and forget the time you spend in the future. These times do not exist, they are just stories that your ego makes up . The true essence is to live in the moment, focus on your breathing when you breath you don't think therefore you are life, forget your ego, your ego is not you, let go of your ego, stay in the present and I believe you will live a great life! Feed your spirit, not your ego! There is no order in life, life is not linear, life is vast like the universe!
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    Mar 10 2012: Good depends on the context

    In regards to a good life, rather than a good book, good cake, good person or good act....
    Are you referring to what is a desirable life or what is an ethically well founded life?
    Maybe the ideal is a connection of both.

    We all seem to make up our own framework of what a good life means.
    Often with many similarities.
    Suggest a balance of self and others.
    Agree with Mary. Also suggest a good life is one you might look back on and say it was good.
    More happy memories, more satisfaction, less regrets, more feeling you made a difference - whatever is important to you - done reasonably well. Less suffering, more happy moments.

    Life goes so fast. Life or the quality of life can be lost in a moment. Thanks for the reminder to reflect on this.
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      Mar 7 2012: Interesting Dean. I seek the truth, i love the truth. Thanks