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International couples, mixed nationalities children, International troubles?

The world is not flat, and it's not round. If you had fallen in love with a person other than your own nationality, and leave in a country to which none of you are a national of, might be a wonderful story, or in case of ending your relationship, it can turn in to your worst nightmare. And then the world turns hellish.
This is a thread where I want to start a debate, on what happens to couples in these situations, and they are numerous thеsе days of global traveling, and mostly of all, what happens to their children.
How many people struggle to continue with their lives if they are blocked to stay in one country, due to custody, or what happens when they try and move on with their lives, and with that they become criminals? How being a parent , оr how wanting to freely continue your life, can turn against you, in the worse way. How children cope, and why in the end is the children that suffer the most. No...Nothing is black and white, and unfortunately the solutions and channels offed are the ones that are the worst at offering or obliging, that have the least humane solutions.

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    Mar 8 2012: Its is two different thing. Crime and staying in a foreign land. If you have committed crime you are in hell in your own country.Same for when a couple broke up & if it was a serious relationship .

    For child i dont think it a real problem because these days parents travels a lot inside their own country also. Chlid may miss their child hood a bit but they grew up really early.
    There is nothing wrong in marring some one from other country and staying in a different country . You might find a bit trouble to adjust in thr culture. But more or less its almost fine as working in your own country
    • Mar 8 2012: Dear Arnab,

      It is very often that parents get criminalized even though they have not committed a crime, by simply leaving a country they were living in, but no longer wish , or for the most important matter, stay work and live in. Their only crime would be not leaving their children behind.
      And realtionships are not always marriages, and children are born out of official marriages as well, which make's it even a bit more complicated for the status and the the liberties and the rights of a child.