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How do you deal with introvert vs. extrovert tensions?

When I was president of my fraternity in college, I noticed a lot of tension between myself and some of the extroverts in leadership positions. They often felt that I wasn't moving fast enough, or that I couldn't make decisions effectively. As an introvert, how do you convey to people that you need time and space to make effective decisions? As an extrovert, how do you work with people that you feel aren't deciding things quickly enough? Are there other things that make you feel tension between introverts and extroverts?


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  • Wu Ted

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    Mar 18 2012: Without knowing the context/my life I offer the reader this:
    To: 'the extrovert'
    Differentiate the competent and incompetent introvert, spending no time listening to the latter.

    To: 'the introvert'
    Your negative bias towards the leadership role stems from a failure within current cultural context to highlight your strengths; and their are many which prepare you for a place of authority. Hone your internal processes/mechanisms to offer you snap decisions. Lose the obligation to justify/share in the specifics; rely more on being right and offering review in lieu of your team's success carrying out said orders. It was the synergistic ability of snap unquestioning decision making and being right consecutively that landed me the majority of the project manager roles throughout my College years. Roles either group appointed or thrust upon me and not sought; the key was (aside from being consistently right and decisive) showing compassion to the extrovert's method of madness.

    WARNING: understand that through the loss of 'sharing' the decision making process you too lose the feeling of shared failure. The introvert will be more likely castigated for failure to execute than an extrovert. Case in point? Look to the story of how Steve Jobs got fired from his own company; an introverted leader himself.

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