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How do you deal with introvert vs. extrovert tensions?

When I was president of my fraternity in college, I noticed a lot of tension between myself and some of the extroverts in leadership positions. They often felt that I wasn't moving fast enough, or that I couldn't make decisions effectively. As an introvert, how do you convey to people that you need time and space to make effective decisions? As an extrovert, how do you work with people that you feel aren't deciding things quickly enough? Are there other things that make you feel tension between introverts and extroverts?


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  • Mar 7 2012: Extroverts: For them everything is a problem and that has to be solved at once other the world will fall next moment. My daughter ( Extrovert) She goes to office and send me an email asking my approval to resign, when I was busy with my work. I used to say: "Please wait" then she comes to chatting in the next second
    " How long, Dad?"
    Wait till I finish my discussion with my client -
    Oh You are busy with office work?
    Yes, can you hold your resignation till I finish?
    Oh! Dad, I can wait till evening .. Take care of your client.
    That was how I used to handle her.

    By the time she comes home and I reached home expecting and preparing myself about handling her, she was on the mobile talking to many people and then say hello to me and go to bed.

    Introverts - my son
    I start watching the TV and he comes there and start watching...
    For an hour nothing happens - both are seriously busy in watching the TV.
    " I don't understand why people are celebrating these festivals? he will say.
    Yes.. ( that's all)
    Silence ...
    Dad - do you ever participate in every function in your office - every function??
    " What is function? and why they should celebrate functions? I ask
    "That is my question "- he gets encouragement.
    The functions are invented to bring all kinds of people on a same level playing ground.
    What do you mean? - his doubt.
    As you know all people are not made with fixed measure of knowledge, intelligence, wisdom etc. There are always difference in degrees of these capacities or wisdom etc., So, some people talk too much, few people only listen, many people fake and certain people do have ideas but may not be in a position to express...So these meetings will enable them to bring with par with other people. "

    This way, I size the people, for extroverts immediate NO is danger, accept and agree with them and postpone it and then handle them. Introverts - best thing is discuss the subject deeply and then advise them.

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