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Is spirituality real or imagined?

At the age of nine, I had an experience while meditating on God. I was looking for God apart from reality because that was what I was taught. A voice inside of me (it was distinct from my normal thinking voice) led me to seeing God as a cosmic singularity that underlies all of reality. At the time I couldn't talk about it to anyone because I couldn't relate it to anything I already knew. Any attempts at that time were responded with remarks that implied I was having some kind of mental breakdown.

Eleven years later while studying nuclear physics, I learned about the unified field theory of physics. I had no trouble accepting it because I had seen it before (through associations rather than mathematical models). How did I know before I knew? Can anyone answer that question? It has far reaching implications because it brings into question a lot of what religion is teaching. I was a Catholic. I am now a non-denominational Christian because I believe in what Jesus taught. But I know to question anything that doesn't make sense.


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    Mar 9 2012: Ones doing defines ones being. Spirituality is about oneness and ones very being. Science and spirituality are two different dimensions of existence... Science is the path of dissection and spirituality is the path of completeness... both are equally important for ones development...

    Life is all about action so when we say GOD its a bit strange why this kind of a word was devised, i would rather have it spelled as godliness, which is the path of spirituality. When we use the word GOD , it becomes a separate entity from oneself.. this separation can never be equated to completeness or oneness and hence existence of the word GOD can never be related to spirituality, where as godliness is something that can relate to ones being and in-turn ones doing, and this truly is ones spirituality.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts!
    Subhash Vasist

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