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Clean technology, while a huge opportunity, will not go to scale in time to prevent a global economic and social crisis.

Considering all the comments on my talk, The Earth is Full, I would sum up by saying that everyone pretty much agrees we face some serious ecological and resource limits. The debate is will these naturally be dealt with in the normal course of technological and market processes, or will they result in a serious global economic crisis. My view is strongly that a crisis is inevitable and that it will be an economic crisis - but that will then trigger a war level of mobilisation that will drive massive technological change. So relying on technology to prevent the crisis is wrong.


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    Mar 28 2012: Large problems with banks handing out more loans then the money they have....I totally agree, but the same can be said about the consumer, receiving loans that they might not be able to pay. I totally agree with you views...I just think their are so many other things that come in to play. The same can be said about every form of business, real estate, medical, etc. It's a collective problem shared by everybody. I don't want put the blame on just one thing.

    You can't underestimate the other man's greed.

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