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What can fiction tell us?

Growing up as a bookworm, I have gained crucial experiences out of books and physically experienced them only later on.
What kind of messages can be delivered through books and what do we need to experience ourselves?
The question mainly focuses on an individual basis but can be drawn on a bigger picture as well, which might be easier to access.
In this case, which book do you think had the most cultural influence over history from the point of narrative?

  • Mar 5 2012: The truth in forms that are palatable enough to go down.
  • Mar 5 2012: Fiction is the medium to guide us, to make us knowledgeable and unearth the commonsense and to reduce the dependence. The “Panchatantra” is the book which was actually created to infuse the knowledge to the sons of a great ancient king. The stories – centuries old – are still relevant in present days.