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Whether innovation and creative skills will be on declining trend with advancing age?

People tend to look towards young brains and fresh graduates when it comes to innovation and creativity. Is there any scientific proof that when a person crosses 40 - he will lose all his ability to think creatively?

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    Mar 6 2012: No. I'm 70, but then again I don't remember what the question was.
    • Mar 6 2012: Robert - You are the winner - The difference of age between you and me is just 6 years ( I am younger). Your memory is strong and your creativity is excellent. You did reply and did that with difference. Thanks.
  • Mar 8 2012: it usually happens.
    Sometimes the problem with experience is that it makes you apply old solutions to new problems.. :'
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    Mar 5 2012: The best known work on this subject is by a scholar of last name Ludwig, who is well known for his research on creativity over the lifespan. Based on a sample of perhaps 1200 highly creative people, he charted how their productivity in terms of quantity and quality change over the lifespan.I will not summarize his findings here other than to say the time path of creative achievement differs depending on your field. Those whose focus is mathematics or theoretical physics peak earliest. Those who work is in the social sciences peak later.This does not mean that young people will not believe that the young are more creative and willing to experiment than thjose who are older. The young often have biases toward youth and those who are older may under-estimate what youth can offer. I see very frequently both interesting cases of prefering ones own age and not understanding what those of a different age have to offer creatively.