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Introduce technologies that can be manufactured and maintained by local technicians using available materials.

I worked for a large NGO which promoted technologies similar to David's and failed. Therefore, I started my own non profit organization called Technology for the Poor. My organization does not give any funding only teach simple technologies to local technicians who can fabricate and maintain it. You may see examples of that in my web site

I feel that the size of the organization also matters. Large organizations have high overheads and salaries. My organization does not have any paid workers. Our budget is under $7,000 a year. I travel to Africa and Central America and work with churches whose members are my focus. I feel that individuals and groups should use the money that they would normally contribute to large organizations and use them to problems that the receiving communities identify. I taught people in Africa and Costa Rica how to use discarded plastic bags and buckets as containers to grow vegetables. Please visit the following web sites for more information.
Another technology that I introduced is converting a bicycle into a dual purpose bicycle. The bicycle repair men constructed the attachment within a day and are able to see its various applications. This technology uses available materials in the countries and costs much less than some of the pedal power devices others have introduced.
I would like you to contact me at and give me your input.

Thank you.

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    Mar 5 2012: this idea contains a self contradiction

    local technology is not cheap technology. cheap technology is a result of globalized trade.

    if local was actually cheaper, you should not open that conversation, since businessmen would use local stuff already.
    • Mar 5 2012: Please visit the web sites to understand my point.

      Job Ebenezer
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        Mar 6 2012: if one needs to check your website to understand your opening statement well, you need to rephrase the opening statement.