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What is your favourite quote and why?

I would like to begin here a compendium of those bits of wisdom humanity perceives to be most true or without exception.

It is not necessary to name who might be credited with saying your selection, as no such person can honestly claim to have been without some outside inspiration, which catalyzed their creativity and moved them to express their insight.
Much like what you are called here to do.

If you yourself have distilled some wisdom through reflection, please allow me to present you this moment to pass it on here for consideration or perhaps start your own string.

The purpose of all this is to provide a most efficient tool for correlating the most valid ideas about morality and what we perceive to be real or important across culture or socialization. I would then like to work with you to turn this soil and see what new things (ideas) might grow. Food for the soul.

You are encouraged to emulate the creative process here so: COPY, COMBINE and TRANSFORM! Help me correlate.

Please comment in a constructive way if you agree or not with anything posted here and explain why.

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Closing Statement from Wayne Busby

Herein you will find over 700 quotes and comments full of inspiration and wisdom, from Tedsters motivated by positivity and the betterment of mankind.
I am blessed and humbled to have consorted with them.
Get yourself your favourite comfort drink and stay a while, this is one of 'Ted Conversations' longest strings ever.

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  • Mar 27 2012: "Follow your bliss!" Joseph Campbell
    These three words quite simply began a process of transformation in my whole view of the universe. This advice comes from the ancient idea that if I do what gives me joy the universe will protect and care for me, in fact I will place myself on a path that was waiting for me all along, surrounded by others who will guide and help me. How do I know what gives me biss? It's easy, really. Listen to what my heart is telling me. I have since expanded on this quote with the help of Einstein, who suggested the most important question I can ask each and every day is whether I live in a friendly universe or a hostile one. I have discovered that by choosing to live in a universe that wants me to feel joy, to feel good, in all my waking moments it is possible to have a joyous day every day. By accepting this concept into my reality, I still have events I don't necessarily agree with happen to me many times, but they no longer have influence over my inner peace and joy! Also, it is fun to observe others because very quickly I seem to be able to determine what kind of universe they are choosing to live in. Thank you Joe!
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      Mar 27 2012: This is SO true Adam!

      "Only from the heart can you touch the sky..."
      • Mar 28 2012: Thanks, I have read your profile and KNOW you live in a friendly universe!
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          Mar 28 2012: Thank you Adam:>)

          "A good word is like a good tree whose root is firmly fixed and whose top is in the sky..."
          (Mary Engelbreit)
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          Mar 28 2012: Isn't she awesome!?!
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      Mar 27 2012: Thank you Adam.

      We are neighbors in this universe where our effort reap great harvest.

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