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What is your favourite quote and why?

I would like to begin here a compendium of those bits of wisdom humanity perceives to be most true or without exception.

It is not necessary to name who might be credited with saying your selection, as no such person can honestly claim to have been without some outside inspiration, which catalyzed their creativity and moved them to express their insight.
Much like what you are called here to do.

If you yourself have distilled some wisdom through reflection, please allow me to present you this moment to pass it on here for consideration or perhaps start your own string.

The purpose of all this is to provide a most efficient tool for correlating the most valid ideas about morality and what we perceive to be real or important across culture or socialization. I would then like to work with you to turn this soil and see what new things (ideas) might grow. Food for the soul.

You are encouraged to emulate the creative process here so: COPY, COMBINE and TRANSFORM! Help me correlate.

Please comment in a constructive way if you agree or not with anything posted here and explain why.

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Closing Statement from Wayne Busby

Herein you will find over 700 quotes and comments full of inspiration and wisdom, from Tedsters motivated by positivity and the betterment of mankind.
I am blessed and humbled to have consorted with them.
Get yourself your favourite comfort drink and stay a while, this is one of 'Ted Conversations' longest strings ever.

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    Mar 6 2012: “I like to think that the moon is there even if I am not looking at it” Albert Einstein.

    He was a realist asked us to question our assumptions rather than believing on speculations...This has

    inspired me here to QUOTE MYSELF:

    " ALWAYS QUESTION YOUR ASSUMPTIONS before jumping to a conclusion!!!"" by ' Sunny Qureshi"..
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      Mar 8 2012: Thank you Sunny! Im with Al on this one too.

      I would like to sincerely thank the person, who thought to ask the famous question "If a tree topples in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?"

      Maybe there is something I missed here but I always found questions like this to be indicative of our boundless human arrogance. Might sound really depend on the rather limited auditive capacity of a specific and self centred life form, to justify its (sounds) existence?

      With all due respect, thank you anonymous.
      • Mar 8 2012: More on sound but this one to punch a hole in "our boundless human arrogance:" "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" (A Zen koan)
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        Mar 9 2012: If sound is defined as vibrations on the eardrum or any other sensor capable of interpreting the oscillations in the air, than the answer has to be no, if no one hears there is no sound, only vibration.

        One hand clapping creates mainly doubt
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          Mar 10 2012: Does 'no one' include with humans, other primates or life forms?
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          Mar 12 2012: "One hand clapping creates mainly doubt" ..........beautiful Douglas Macrae Smith!!

          Please tell me the source for this quote..... I'll appreciate it very much.
        • Mar 21 2012: the quote "One hand clapping creates mainly doubt",...is extremely narcissistic in content.
          to think or assume that because the person is not present that a sound event ceases to exist is absurd. that is narcissism bee bop deluxe style. way over the top,..way too much ego involved.

          the mind and ego are the death kiss of intuition.

          the sound is merely the physical representation of vibration.

          tell that to Beethoven. so much for not being able to hear sound and only vibration.
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        Mar 10 2012: Thankyou Wayne,

        I think it all has to do with "consciousness" or the image of an object that forms in our brain as a result of the sound. It is the sum total of all my conscious experience at any one moment.Thus there is no seperate, independent, self. The truth of what I am saying is evident in the fact that your 'self' comes into being and goes out of being at the same time as consciousness..
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          Mar 10 2012: Could it be that in a universe of infinite dimensions, all that might exist does and those instances we might interpret as 'coming into being' are instead the realization (conscious acceptance) of something already there?

          I am just looking for insight.
      • Mar 10 2012: "If a man speaks his mind in a forest and no woman hears him, is he still wrong?"

        The same question with a humorous twist quoted by Ken Robinson in one of his TEDTalks

        I love it because it's subversive and funny.
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        Mar 13 2012: Dear Wayne

        If you read my post carefully, you'll see that 'no one' doesn't even have to be a life form.

        Dear Juliette

        I am just making an observation about Amis quote : "what is the sound of one hand clapping?.." probably the most popular example of a zen koan. Koans can never be understood because we are bound by our world view
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          Mar 13 2012: Thank you Douglas :-) I appreciate your observation..
        • Mar 13 2012: What is the sound of one hand clapping? I have found this koan actually quite interesting and practical. What is the sound of one hand clapping? Silence. What are we in the world if we "clap" against everything we experience? Noise. We need to let experience flow through us and not react to it in order to fully experience what is happening without tainting it.
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          Mar 13 2012: beautiful...so many facets ....
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          Mar 26 2012: It is said that 90 % of what is communicated is understood by means other than what is said (heard), could it be that there might be other ways to 'hear'?

          ...yes just sparring here, forgive.
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      Mar 8 2012: That is a profound quote according to me. So are the other two quotes in comments-'tree' and 'clapping'. Such questions help us remain humble. They are pointers as the finger pointing the moon.

      Thanks and regards to you, Sunny.
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      Mar 9 2012: I have added your quote to my collection...thank you.

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