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Yes indeed wisdom cannot be taught as wisdom is an innate property of the pure self. Only by making the brain pure can we become wise.

It is amazing that the path to wisdom education is very clearly explained by decoding the message of the Bible. The Bible is saying that God made man in His Own Image. That is God made man pure. Satan came along and made man impure. All the Bible wants is to get man to become pure again. Which means man has to physically change the human brain to become free of emotional baggage.

We already have therapies that make the subnormal brain normal; all we need to do is use the same therapies to make the normal brain into super normal.

The current understanding of wisdom has also got to change. Wisdom is the wealth of intelligence. And just as wealth has to be created in some thing other than wealth, wisdom too has to be created in it's attributes. Interestingly all the attributes of wisdom are reducible to selflessness. Thus wisdom is selflessness which means wisdom education is selfishness removal education.

Selfishness is generated by the emotional baggage in the brain. Once the emotional baggage is removed selfishness also is removed. The Bible says that the brain is polluted by the evil planted by Satan. Science says that the brain is saddled with emotional baggage. Education says the brain is full of ignorance. All three are talking about the same facts; all are talking about selfishness.

If I could have the backing of our Ted community we can start many educational
projects that will transform education. All those who join my projects can become co-founders of say, 'Wisdom Day' or say,'Pure Happiness Seminars'.

We can even start, 'Spy Power Club' or 'Brain Power Club' and charge a small fee and then use the money for other Ted projects. Please google, '4th r foundation' for more information.