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When you are stressed or down, what makes you feel better?

I'm intrigued by what makes people happy and would love to know what makes the most difference in your mood.

  • Mar 18 2012: 1. doing something nice for someone I love.
    2. Doing something nice for someone I do not know.
    3. A walk at the beach or at a botanical garden.
    4. Listening to smooth jazz
    5. Playing golf with a friend
    6. Spending time with family or friends.
    7. Looking for cool websites or answering questions.
    8. Fishing
    9. Trying to solve a problem unrelated to what caused me stress or to get down.
    10. Pastries, Diet Dr. Pepper, and any good meal.
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    Mar 18 2012: I recall my finest hours...

    But to be happy ? The answer is vulnerability, dear...

    Watch this talk :
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    Mar 7 2012: Sex, Steak, Sunshine. In no particular order.
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    Mar 6 2012: Sunshine, fresh air, activity, being beside the sea
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    Mar 6 2012: Busking or just belting out a few songs on my guitar. Best stress relief ever.
  • Mar 5 2012: Gratitude
    Paying attention to my breath
    Getting out in nature
    Helping someone
    Watching Brian Regan
  • Mar 5 2012: I think is important the company of someone beloved. I think that get involved in any activity that you enjoy is absolutely important. But may be lost the mood improvement that you get, if you find yourself lonely.
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    Mar 5 2012: Going for long hikes in the mountains of Wales and Scotland. Keeps me sane.
  • Mar 5 2012: Aimee,

    First I have to find out what makes me to be stressed.
    whether whatever it is, is worth and powerful to make me feel that way.

    Second, I think of the sentences I say to myself.
    If they guide me and / or lead to the direction I want to go then I keep saying them, if not, I change them.

    It is, changing your self-talk will change your mental state and this one will change your physical state.

    Many scientist say many things about human mind and behaviour. I agree with them all.
    Eat chocolate, drink alcohol, go for walk, read book, watch TV, sport, meet friends, etc.
    Doesn't matter what you do, if it helps, then keep doing it.

    my thoughts are not me, my feelings are not me, but I am the creator of my thoughts,
    I am the creator of my feelings.

    Why is the brain on top of the body?
    my answer is, to control the rest of body.

    so use it in your favour.

    PS: recommend to read, INVICTUS
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    Mar 5 2012: friends,
    writing down why I feel bad, it sort of gets it "out of it".
    or the first two with a good Belgian beer!
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    Mar 5 2012: Depends on what makes me stressed or feeling down.

    Entering into a prayerful mood/praying about my problem.

    Calling friends to chit-chat helps sometimes.

    Reading usually relaxes me quite a bit, as does cooking or cleaning.

    All of the above I prefer to do with NOONE around me......alone time helps me the most.
  • Mar 5 2012: hi
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    Mar 5 2012: video games, making music, dancing, fishing