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To come up with a way to detect runtime threats in the modern world

How to tackle the Threat the world faces
For long I have been thinking on what does it take to survive, survive the might, intelligence, the team work of terrorists and terrorism. What makes these people do, what they do. How to put an end to all this. What is the solution. Do we continue to live this way. Is it similar to the problem of hacking in the internet world. We still have found no universal solution to viruses, trojan, system hacking, spam, spoofing etc. Can it be compared to the real world problems. With respect to the threat they pose they can destroy the individual to whatever extent THEY chose to. Why cant we pin down a person in this world. Does being free, unquestioned, unidentified at the cost of others freedom right!!

Having thought about various problem one thing I figured out was that the root cause of all the problems lies in IDENTITY. Yes thats right Identity. What makes us the most decent person on earth when we really care about our surroundings and to the outer world we mean something else. Why each one has this split personality or rather multiple personalities. The answer to this question perhaps lies in "identity". The fact that no one knows me in this region, I am far away from home, I can go unnoticed, I can do what i want and what i should actually be doing are on the first level of reason for someone to do a wrong thing.

So whats the point!!! So if we tackle this problem of identity, if we can prove to a person that he is identifiable, if we prove to him that no matter what he does he will be caught, if he is being watched all the time, that should do. But then the only place we can look at for this would be science, technology. So how do we do this.

At the minimum we must be able to clearly identify a person. If not, its time we identified him. So in effect we start building a system which clearly identifies a person.


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