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Improving efficiency of load carrying vehicles by using an aerofoil...

We have seen many a times that vehicles carrying load, move slowly and are straining the engines.
We all know an aerofoil helps to provide lift.
Fit an aerofoil to the top of the vehicle. The shape of the aerofoil shold be such that it gives only the desired lift to reduce the load on the engines, while maintaining friction with the road to facilitate movement of the vehicle...

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    Mar 5 2012: There could be a possibility of what they call "Fishtailing" my english grammatical skills are zero so i will try to make it simple.By adding a aerofoil you alter the center of gravity by giving it as you said lift,What happens when you encounter a sharp corner with the center of gravity higher at a high speed? This is a good observation of yours don't let your ideas stop, keep the ideas coming,innovate.
  • Mar 6 2012: In an aircraft the spoilers do help in increasing the drag by disturbing the airflow....however their use as in aircraft is due the fact that there is no other alternative, when the aircraft is in air. However in a vehicle plying on the roads, the design of the aerofoil could be such that a control syatem could be integrated with the aerofoil, which depending upon the requirement..say while braking will alter the shape of the aerofoil so as to increase the drag. the idea of fixing an aerofoil is to only reduce the strain not to remove it all such a vehicle maynot be able to develop the kind of acceleration required to lift the vehicle off the ground with the size of the aerofoil being a limitation...
  • Mar 5 2012: Be careful with this idea!

    An airfoil works when air is flowing over its surface; the greater the speed, the greater lift. How can strain be removed when just starting to move, such as when stopped at a traffic light. Trucks and other vehicles need good weight on wheels for traction around curves, on wet or slippery pavement. And what about sudden need for braking? A sudden interruption of smooth airflow, such as from wing spoilers on aircraft, would be needed for stopping and these would have to deploy quickly for emergencies. Air foils could be more a danger than a benefit.
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    Mar 4 2012: well, its important to also know that alot of trucks out there aren't particularly receiving a strain from its weight load (which is typically why weight capacities are enforced) and many are slow moving for reasons (such as the truck is built to be slow or excess speed can cause control-loss).
    But that being said, I'm sure this issue effects atleast some trucks, so unless theres a reason why it hasn't already been implemented, someone should try it out..
    • Mar 8 2012: Hi,
      I thought of this idea - a wing aerofoil on top of the cab and a couple along the length of the trailer and I was going to patent it but when I searched found there is one already US patient 20110175395A1 at My idea was that it would move according to high speed, cornering,or braking - just like they use them in Formular 1 heavy loads could be lightened by lift thus reducing fuel and preventing damage to our roads.