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Improving efficiency of load carrying vehicles by using an aerofoil...

We have seen many a times that vehicles carrying load, move slowly and are straining the engines.
We all know an aerofoil helps to provide lift.
Fit an aerofoil to the top of the vehicle. The shape of the aerofoil shold be such that it gives only the desired lift to reduce the load on the engines, while maintaining friction with the road to facilitate movement of the vehicle...


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  • Mar 6 2012: In an aircraft the spoilers do help in increasing the drag by disturbing the airflow....however their use as in aircraft is due the fact that there is no other alternative, when the aircraft is in air. However in a vehicle plying on the roads, the design of the aerofoil could be such that a control syatem could be integrated with the aerofoil, which depending upon the requirement..say while braking will alter the shape of the aerofoil so as to increase the drag. the idea of fixing an aerofoil is to only reduce the strain not to remove it all together...as such a vehicle maynot be able to develop the kind of acceleration required to lift the vehicle off the ground with the size of the aerofoil being a limitation...

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