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do you make lists? if you do, what purpose do they serve in your life? what story do they tell?

I'm researching material for a book about lists (why we write them, what they can tell us about our lives) and am looking for more contributions. I am especially interested in lists that have helped people deal with difficult life events / death/ memory/ controlling the chaos of life, but would love to hear from anyone willing to contribute a list and their story.
You can email me at: lifeinalist@yahoo.co.uk


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    Mar 4 2012: One way I use lists is likely the most common you will find in your investigation. I use lists to deal with cognitive load- to record things I don't want to use the mental space for in working memory. A to-do list or an address book is this sort of list. I would count entries into a desk or wall calendar as this kind of list.A second way I use lists may or may not count within your definition of a list. That is I record ideas as a form of graphic organizer. I record pieces of information pertinent to a project on which I am working all in one space (usually on paper, actually) so that I see them all collected visually in one spot. Seeing them this way helps me remember them simultaneously but also is a prop for helping me connect them as if in a web that forms my conception at this moment of the idea on which I am working.I have not used lists as a means of processing difficult life events.
    • Mar 5 2012: Hi Fritzie. Thanks for your post - I'm interested in your use of a kind of graphic list, and wondered if you had any examples you would be willing to send me to use in the book? I will, of course, change names and any identifying details if you'd prefer. No problem if not - thanks for your thoughts.

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