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do you make lists? if you do, what purpose do they serve in your life? what story do they tell?

I'm researching material for a book about lists (why we write them, what they can tell us about our lives) and am looking for more contributions. I am especially interested in lists that have helped people deal with difficult life events / death/ memory/ controlling the chaos of life, but would love to hear from anyone willing to contribute a list and their story.
You can email me at: lifeinalist@yahoo.co.uk


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    Mar 4 2012: I used to be a big fan of the list. I remember feeling very good when I got through the list but needed to resist the temptation of 'list dependency', that is to say adding things onto the list which were relatively simple (and that I knew I would get done) in order to feel a sense of progress. This is essentially why I stopped...lists for the sake of lists to boost a sense of accomplishment undermines the making of the list in the first place. I then moved from this to a more powerful period when ANYTHING I added to my list would happen in serendipitous ways...it got quite overwhelming to such an extent that the power of the written word needed to be adopted with caution and I had to think very carefully before I wrote anything down. I believe that when you you write something down it becomes manifest and circumstances conspire to move you towards achieving it, this is why lists are a proven way to avoid procrastination, as Xavier mentions, suddenly it's not a thought anymore, it's real..this is powerful...........Probably why the product Post-it has made millions....
    • Mar 5 2012: Thanks for this reply Stuart. I'm really interested in what you say about the lists becoming almost too powerful. Do you have any examples of things that happened or actual lists, and would you be willing for me to use them in the book? I will, of course, change your name and any other identifying details if you'd prefer. No problem if not - thanks for getting in touch.

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