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Some people are talking about changing the world! why don't I change myself to reflect it on the world I want to live in?

1-To discover new cultures and learn from them,
We are different but we can share our minds then every one have the right to judge!
2-Why don't we focus on the positivity we have first, then we can solve our problems?
3-our smart minds come from our warm hearts
4-Understanding the formula of each conduct of the human can make it easier for us to discover
B-discover our weakness and strength points
C-understanding each other
D-knowing how to handle the different situations we face
E-Smart ideas breed smart ideas.
F-You can share your own ideas with me.
G-I have more brilliant IDEAS.


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  • Mar 5 2012: The word “change” is like “sex” – every one wants it but no one accepts it openly. It has become a fashion to use the words ‘Change”; “Innovation” “Social Media” etc., The people who talks about change are the very people who stand like a rock to obstruct the change. And there is a theory that “You can not change any one” – at the most, the other person acts as if he has changed, so you will be happy. On the other hand – we as individual – continue to follow the process of change. Change is inevitable. The change is in the nature. But expect that and assume that the other person is not changing. As a matter of fact he is also changing – in his own way – but not as you have expected or anticipated.

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