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4% population is psychopathic and seek positions of authority.2/3 obey people in authority. Psychopaths do not set an altrustic example.

Dr Robert Hare is the expert on psychopaths(sociopaths). Stanley Milgram and others have researched extensively the tendancy of nearly two thirds of the population to believe/obey authority figures. How can sociopaths be readily identified?What can be done to alert people to the danger of electing these people to authority positions?


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  • Mar 4 2012: I believe that actually a small percentage of psychopaths go on to commit violent crimes, which is how the majority of the general population sees them. A large group of psychopaths can actually become quite successful in positions of authority, such as executive positions within large corporations. It seems that psychopathic behaviors are compatible sometimes with behaviors needed to be successful in this type of positions. This fact makes it kind of difficult to identify them because their behavior may be just the behavior we expect to see in those that hold positions of power. Extensive research has demostrated that most of us, given the right circumstances will follow orders from authority figures, even if it implies hurting other hyman beings.
    • Mar 6 2012: The figures that I have seen suggests that close to fifty percent of all serious crime is committed by psychpoaths. However it is not these people that I am concwerned with. What I am worried about are the people who learn how to manipulate all those they encounter for their own advantage. There are only two things that seem to motivate psychopaths and they are winning at all cost and dominating others.
      • Mar 6 2012: Hi,

        Pardon my misunderstanding, why I tried to say was that many psychopaths commit violent crimes, however, not all do, and not all criminals present psychopathic symptoms. I recently read that at any given prison, around 20% present psychopathic symptoms. But returning the argument to your actual point, I do agree with you that these type of people are motivated to win at all cost and lack any empathy towards others, some can be really successful in dominating others.

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