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The Dalai Lama's proclaimed, "the world will be saved by the Western woman"! Is this Western woman Louise L. Hay?

The reality is that awakening women are emerging as the leaders of the global change movement.
Women have been gathering in unprecedented numbers to consciously evolve/co-create the future together, and Louise L. Hay has been and is serving a very powerful role in facilitating leadership of this movement.
Take a look at all that Louise L Hay has been/is doing and decide.
And/or name the Western woman (women) who you think deserves this acknowledgement.


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    Mar 6 2012: Greetings/Blessings to ALL,

    Before I respond to comments please let me clarify that I apologize in advance for my responses that may offend.
    No I am not trying to be arrogant, full of my self, etc. of this nature. I am concerned for our collective well-being and desire for all to collectively succeed and fulfill our true purpose of "self-realization/actualization" .
    At the same time I do not apologize for what I am saying based on the fact that we (humanity) have been 'intoxicated while asleep at the wheel' spiritually/mentally//emotionally/physically to say the least for far too long and we are now at a critical point in human history in the making where we MUST 'wake up', be aware, and pursue truth as much as possible.

    With all this said, please know of what you speak before commenting, (properly research who Louise L. Hay is before commenting) as I didn't just pull this question out of my ass and post it out of randomness. (And save the uniformed, ignorance is bliss attitude/mentality for Yahoo news comments section or any other trivializing mainstream media commenting sections.

    I am assuming TED is for people who are interested in learning, growing, evolving, not dumb-ass-ism, as this society has already mastered that, and it is time for positive changes, in understanding.

    Thank you and now as we proceed:
    (Also thank you all for taking the time to read/comment!)

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