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What do you think will help our species survive in a space-limited world with a constantly growing population?

Considering the projeced figures of human population growth for the coming years, several scenarios have been proposed by various institutions and persons.

Some of them say that the vast development will stop the more educated we become. Others say that the global fights for resources will increase dramatically as an ultimate result.

Do you think it is possible for us to find a non-violent way out of this situation?And how could we realistically achieve to go this way considering the small amount of time we have left?


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    Mar 7 2012: Two areas of public policy if changed that by themselves would completely change the course of human history for the sustainable better and allow for the proper stewardship of the planet. They are monetary reform and tax reform. The needed monetary reform already well thought out and under consideration is the move to debt free creation of money by sovereign governments. (Google "Steven Zarlenga"). The needed tax reform in existence in its modern form for over a century (Google "Henry George") and well thought out and tried in enough places to verify the validity of the theory is the shift of taxation off of earned incomes from labor and real capital investment in the real economy onto community created land and natural resource values. It is this tax reform that is especially crucial to create the economic context wherein all other human progress and in particular technological progress can benefit all people instead of being siphoned away by economic elites and monopoly owners of the earth. These two pieces of social/political/economic technology will allow what is workable about free markets/free enterprise to work as promised. Without these two public policy changes and especially the shift of taxes to community created land values it will be very difficult for humanity to share the earth and benefit from all other forms of progress. The survival of humanity from this vantage point is now dependent on sharing the earth and the establishment of an honest monetary system. Mere technological fixes as wonderful and exciting as they promise to and no doubt will be cannot resolve issues of economic justice. What is necessary is a paradigm shift in our relationship to the earth so that we no longer pay a small percentage of our own kind for the right to have a place to be on our own planet. The earth belongs to all of us, we all create its value and thus the rental value of the earth rightfully belongs to all of us as an equal inheritance.

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