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If you were given the chance to change any one thing in the world...

What would it be, How would you change it, and why for both?

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    Apr 2 2012: Better understanding. Through education, application of life experiences, and the ability to follow thoughts, ideas, and suggestions through to their conclussion. If we had better undestanding we would not be duped into schemes and false promises of hucksters and politicians. We have all of the tools available to apply ourselves to become more aware of the truths. The fact is that we want to believe some political promises when we know that they are not either logical or possible. As we place people, through voting, in positions of responsibility we must better understand the consequences of our actions. That we want to believe that something is free ... it never is .... someone must pay. Through better understanding we can restore fisical responsibility and Constitutional stability. All the best. Bob.
    • Apr 2 2012: I agree, How do you think that these processes can be manifested into a single or finite number of procedures. Governments are seemingly losing more and more "Touch" with the people they are in office to speak on behalf for, starting to become individual people with individual wants and desires. How can we keep governments in general from deviating from their sole responsibility of driving the metaphoric car that is our nation? Will it become the responsibility of each individual person or smaller level public office to make sure that we can conceptualize and implement this/these new procedures without the corruption from the bigger fish so to speak. I recently watched a talk, I forget which exactly, but it pointed out that in nature the way a strong trait takes control is to exclude itself from it's surroundings and grow to keep from being eaten. that cell walls provide that barrier from the external, could we somehow create a system that does the same, a system that removes itself from the regulation and destruction forced upon weaker/newer ideas that tradition says wont work. food for thought =)
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        Apr 2 2012: I have observed problems that need correction. 1) At the state univesity the professors were openly campaigning in class for Obama and would not entertain any othe thoughts about other canidates. My daughter came home totally indoctrinated to the Obama cause because the Prof made a case for his election as part of her education. That must stop. 2) At the high school and college levels we must allow open debate and critical thinking about politics and follow the promises to a logical conclusion of cause and effect. 3) The best answer is age. Having dreams shattered and promises broken, we become more cynical and begin to examine and learn to think for ourselves. Once the public learns not to blindly follow the hyperboil and dogma of any party, the closer we will be to a reform that will return us to a Constutional government and the redistribution of the power to the states. Until there is a consequence for these actions and deviations from protocol, such as the use of Executive Orders to avoid Congress, the abuse will continue from both sides. This is a grass roots project to start at the bottom and present awareness and stop indoctrination by unions and politicians. This is a Romeo and Juliet thing. The old are steeped in hate, only the young can show us the new way and depart from past errors and lead us into the future. Thanks for the reply. All the best. Bob
        • Apr 3 2012: I very much agree, though I feel that those 3 issues become much more psychological or ideological the closer you move to the root. What I should say is that these issues though those 3 are indeed problems, to my eyes they appear as mere side effects of the true issues. Curing those issues really only plugs a couple of the holes, though it does not keep the boat from taking on water, if you catch my meaning. I do agree that college professors should not be teaching their opinions in class, It is straight wrong, contradictory. I do absolutely agree that we should open debate and critical thinking up at a younger age, but high school, I feel, is too experienced or biased to have that sense of free thinking and rationality which our world needs. I will maybe try this once i have kids, but I think, and this is theoretical, but I think that children have all the means of understanding logic, what is allowed and not, things that make sense and things that do not. Giving our youth, at early ages, the almost required sense of skepticism, rationality, and logic they could start from such a higher level. I think that our kids are only as stupid as we think they are. when in fact children have wickedly higher knowledge retention and critical thinking. I also agree on the instance of age, individually that is, but in reality age begins to define where your bad habits or traditions come from, chronological markers to say "Hey, give me a break im from the 50's" Not that there is anything wrong with that, It is just that I feel that the world is moving far faster than we age, so the more advancement in the world we want to see, the younger the mind we will indefinitely have to pull from. knowledge and experience are very similar and i agree, but as I have stated I feel that these issues fall into a much more simple and fundamental pool of monsters that needs to be slain. =) TED is such an amazing think tank haha
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    Apr 2 2012: If I had the opportunity I would change the monetary system. Long time ago, Power and Money were not linked. Most influent individuals in old societies were scientists, warriors, relegious ... but not those who were wealthy. Because, At that time, people were judged on values, Ideas and skills. At present , our monetary system promotes individualsim. We need to unlink money and power. Seems a little bit philosophic but I think that we should start by being less impressed by material wealth.
    • Apr 2 2012: I fully understand, How would you go about changing the monetary system? I had a cool idea, but it would make things more complicated so who knows how good it is. I had conceptualized a dual level form of currency where when you work, you are paid at 2 separate rates, the rate required for living paying bills ect, which can only be used for those purposes, and a second or fun style of currency where you would make less, but everyone get's payed roughly the same primary, but their secondary pay can vary drastically, secondary can also be used as primary but not vice versa, this way it becomes increasingly difficult to mismanage your money, and limits companies ability to take advantage of you.
  • Mar 5 2012: i would like to change the fear people have of the hemp plant.its resources are extremely abundant.i know it used to used in industry and medicine until the late 1930s.i have recently heard it can suck toxins out of the soil.could it suck out toxins on a toxic waste dump?i dont know?i hope we could try it.
  • Mar 3 2012: If I were given the opportunity to change one thing, It is a very hard decision, and all changes will have consequences, I feel that If i could change any 1 thing, It would be to convert all of the nuclear reactors on the planet to Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors, To allow for a more abundant fuel source, a higher efficiency of energy production, start reversing the effects that the pollutants we have carelessly let devastate our atmosphere, as well as remove currently existing waste, I feel that this would allow for a more planetary form of prosperity, should the correct regulations and controls go into place to limit the corp. man from playing the money game with the people of the world once again. I feel that this would decrease production and shipping costs, allow for a more efficient school system and society in general, A higher level of prosperity for the world. or at least a slap in the face to show us it is all possible. GO LFTR!!!