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What do you think about Government being the largest employer in a country? How can a country develop this way? Private sector involvement?

Shouldnt Government be spending its time creating an enabling environment for Private companies to thrive?
How to develope a private sector?
How to encourage a Private sector?
How to change the mind set of people

  • Mar 3 2012: I don't really know a lot about various situations other than my own, you could say My views are fairly ethnocentric or myopic, Do you think that maybe the government is the largest employer because when the time came for that decision to happen, the private sector could not preform? and that because of previous circumstances it is now significantly more difficult to get a private business off the ground and then take charge, I feel that all over the world, as in america, a lot of change needs to go on in various aspects of all of our lives, working towards a more helpful and unified people of the world, but I'm an idealist haha, one day maybe =)