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If we do not establish and enforce fundamental reality anchors, we will never survive as an intellectual species.

"Energy cannot be created nor destroyed"

"Perception is Reality"

The first statement - taken completely out of context from its original application, as part of Newton's 1st Law of Thermodynamics, in reference to energy usage within a closed mechanical system - has been used to argue for the notion that infinite physical existence is not a logical aberration, and the second statement is an irresponsible colloquialism that's been elevated to axiomatic status and is now used to deny the fact of ramification, progressive development, time, and reality itself as being real.

And this is regularly occurring among people whose job it is to translate reality indications for the rest of us.

The implications, as these kinds of blatant errors are propagated throughout all levels of modern culture should be obvious, but it seems as if the insidious effect of these sorts of fundamental level errors are actually blunting the obviousness of these implications as well as promoting additional errors that would normally not be allowed to persist in an intellectual atmosphere that's more responsible and less casual.

If reality itself can't be, or won't be, successfully defended, then what chance do we have as a thinking species? It seems as if, as our advancing technologies debunk our wisdom inaccuracies, we respond by dismissing the notion that accuracy exists at all. Quantum mechanics challenges our traditional truths concerning reality, so we declare reality to be whatever we perceive it to be. And the crowd goes wild with approval.

Reality exists, and it's not malleable per individual perception. Nothing exists that did not first come into existence. Eternal existence is not the same as infinite presence. There is a foundation that allows for the existence of all that exists, and that foundation can be determined. Someone needs to make a stand on behalf of reality, or we're not going to survive as the only intellectual species on this planet. The foolishness has to stop.


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