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If we do not establish and enforce fundamental reality anchors, we will never survive as an intellectual species.

"Energy cannot be created nor destroyed"

"Perception is Reality"

The first statement - taken completely out of context from its original application, as part of Newton's 1st Law of Thermodynamics, in reference to energy usage within a closed mechanical system - has been used to argue for the notion that infinite physical existence is not a logical aberration, and the second statement is an irresponsible colloquialism that's been elevated to axiomatic status and is now used to deny the fact of ramification, progressive development, time, and reality itself as being real.

And this is regularly occurring among people whose job it is to translate reality indications for the rest of us.

The implications, as these kinds of blatant errors are propagated throughout all levels of modern culture should be obvious, but it seems as if the insidious effect of these sorts of fundamental level errors are actually blunting the obviousness of these implications as well as promoting additional errors that would normally not be allowed to persist in an intellectual atmosphere that's more responsible and less casual.

If reality itself can't be, or won't be, successfully defended, then what chance do we have as a thinking species? It seems as if, as our advancing technologies debunk our wisdom inaccuracies, we respond by dismissing the notion that accuracy exists at all. Quantum mechanics challenges our traditional truths concerning reality, so we declare reality to be whatever we perceive it to be. And the crowd goes wild with approval.

Reality exists, and it's not malleable per individual perception. Nothing exists that did not first come into existence. Eternal existence is not the same as infinite presence. There is a foundation that allows for the existence of all that exists, and that foundation can be determined. Someone needs to make a stand on behalf of reality, or we're not going to survive as the only intellectual species on this planet. The foolishness has to stop.


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    Mar 4 2012: Why would we need to survive as an intellectual species?
    We are connected with nature through our feeling properties where intellectualism is a mere tool to create order in our perceived world to work in it to our contentment.
    As any tool is ever replaced by better one's to serve our needs this will not be different with the intellect but it is dangerous to see the mind as our being where it is only a momentarily state of perceiving our existence. The mind is filled with content of different origins as only the part that we can talk about we call reality while the larger part we call unconscious is neglected and blanked out.

    We evolve as a species by becoming more aware of that unconscious parts and extend our mind as a tool to work with it.

    By fixing reality we prevent ourselves from developing. More the opposite of what you fear as I understand you well.
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      Mar 4 2012: [Why would we need to survive as an intellectual species?]

      um...because that's the kind of species we are. We don't get to choose the nature of our own corporeal existence, and the indications are that once we've tossed the corporeal husk into a box and shoveled dirt over it, the human being that once gave that husk sentience carries on as a 100% Intellectual life form. This suggests that the fully viable human being (the version that exists when all the gestational processes have completed) is nothing but Intellect as a physical form of information.

      Believe me, your ultimate expression as a human being is your Intellectual expression. Deny it if you want to, but even denying it is an intellectual expression that you create. You can't wish it away and you can't escape it.
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        Mar 5 2012: As I see it, intellectualism only is a feature of our species that has to be transcended by love as the heart is reinstalled at its rightfull place. The intellect is the servant, handy but limited.
        If we as a species survive some time longer it isn't because of our intellect but by our ability to care for eachother and life in general.
        The motivation of our actions is what counts in the end.
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          Mar 6 2012: Hear hear! Well said.
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          Mar 6 2012: Intellect is what your brain produces as dynamic informational bursts, and it can contain love, hate, joy, sorrow, wonder, regret, anger, compassion, and even blends of many emotions and reactions at once. You can't NOT generate Intellect with your brain. It's what your brain does, and it does it in service of the rest of your corporeal body. It's a survival system.

          Caring about others is a uniquely human quality that only exists within indivisible bursts of Intellect. Animals can achieve a symbiosis with other animals, but they haven't the capacity for genuine compassion - agape love. That's an intellectual quality, and is what makes human beings unique. If a corporeal organism IS capable of that form of transcendence, then - to be accurate - it also qualifies as human, even if it's not a Homo Sapien human. It's that capacity for intellectual transcendence - the ability to act against the DNA survival protocols on behalf of something or someone else is what separates the human being from other brain-equipped creatures.

          Intellectualism isn't the same as being an intellectual being any more than racism is the same as being the member of a specific race. Terminology is important, and you're not working with the same terminology that I am. I never said anything about intellectualism. I'm going to assume that you didn't introduce that canard intentionally.

          Oh, and the heart...it's a blood pump. Yep, that's all it is. It's not a center of love or wisdom. Just a blood pump and that's the reality of what it is.
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        Mar 7 2012: I see your point Kevin.

        My view however is a universal one or holistic if you like. Intelligence builds up from the first atoms, molecules and cells up to our human form.
        Anything exists because of everything else wherewith it shares the same history of development and participates in the totality of being.
        The heart in this is that singularity of origin, the source of a life force that pushes through the arteries of time and space. This point contains all force and knowledge as a potency which it communicates through our feeling senses. The older part of our nervous system is more susceptible to its unspoken language than the brain, it mostly is heartfelt and the body's responses we call emotions.

        To be connected to the heart is the way to be in harmony with the universe and play our unique part in its orchestra. The theme is love and as we see it, we see beauty.
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          Mar 8 2012: The "older part of our nervous system" is dominated by the DNA "residual" information dictates, and we do feel this more viscerally than the ruminations that busy our brains as we make our way through life. That said, what you're describing is our more carnal, animal nature and that part of our total selves is less transcendent than the "intellectual" part.

          Freud called it the Id. It is focused on survival of the corporeal whole - period. It is only capable of that very specific focus, and little else.

          I don't know. I think that while the human intellect is capable of truly malignant thought, it's also capable of authentic selflessness and unconditional love. It's that amazing range that makes human intellect the epitome expression that it is.

          Yes, the human intellect exists as the result of an amazing progression of physical development. We can agree on that at least.
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        Mar 9 2012: Quote: "Freud called it the Id. It is focused on survival of the corporeal whole - period. It is only capable of that very specific focus, and little else."

        I never was much impressed by the ideas of Freud. He wasn't capable of following Carl Jung into the depths of our psyche as few people were at that time.

        What you call carnal, animal nature is that level where we are connected to nature. Modern people often are disconnected from it by the all energy consuming intellectual faculty, oblivious of the heart of things..

        Meditation can restore this separation. By blocking the stream of input from our senses we empty our mind to perceive the more subtle impressions that will reveal the true nature of self.
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      Mar 9 2012: I Agree with your views Frans!

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