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Why do we have to pay to gain knowledge?

I think we should just give everyone free education & not just the education that we never remember or care bout. WE as a people should all want to learn and further the human mind set pass the horizon pass the stars. We have the technology but it isn't dispersed to the community as a whole but only a select few who can afford it.


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  • Mar 5 2012: Any thing which you get or comes as free has got no value. A price less advice, unasked recommendation for a job, volunteered help for suggestion to your boss – will always taken with pinch of slat. The value factor is what everyone look around and the greater amount you pay the great value is attached to that knowledge. Presently most of the things we can learn from Google, gain knowledge and become wiser. I was surprised when some one was asking his assistant a clarification with a caution that he should not Google it, as he has already looked into the Google. The theory is that free knowledge is under valued.

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