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Why do we have to pay to gain knowledge?

I think we should just give everyone free education & not just the education that we never remember or care bout. WE as a people should all want to learn and further the human mind set pass the horizon pass the stars. We have the technology but it isn't dispersed to the community as a whole but only a select few who can afford it.

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    Mar 6 2012: How much did you pay to join TED? Have you learned anything? Have a library card ... no cost. Watch The Earth Channel, NASA, other learning programs on TV. Your statement about education that we don't care about ... is confusing. Are you saying that college is for the select few. Not true. The education you did not care about is the foundation for college and if you do well there are grants, scholarships, etc .... There is no such thing as free medical, free lunch, free education, etc ... We the people pay for it all. Your ideas are socialist in nature and the word free is dangerous. What you are really asking is that we all pay for what ever you want. Wrong country try a socialist or communist country for distributed wealth. You have been reading about the dream act and other political promises. Do you really think that can happen without breaking the bank. Take some classes NOW. Dream is over ... wake up.
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    Mar 16 2012: I've often wondered the exact same thing. What a world it would be if education was free. And why not? Why do we have to buy it? Who owns it anyway?
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    Mar 10 2012: Why do we need a bank in the first place? If you actually woke up you would know that the wealth of countries rely on banks and the "debt slaves " (us ) to work off debts that can never be paid off working meaningless repitious jobs that we don't need. And I think everyone should have free education what's wrong with spreading wealth? Theres nothing wrong with a government trying to help everyone in their country. But of course our politicians don't know how to actually take care of people. I think you sir Mr.Robert Winner should research more
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    Mar 5 2012: wait a second there. you are not paying for gaining knowledge. it is free. you can go out to the field, observe and experiment. you can think. you can formulate your own theories. you also can go to a library and read books for cheap.

    you have to pay for education. that is different. education is a service that someone needs to provide. it takes time, effort and resources to do so. it is impossible to provide education for free. all we can do is to make someone else pay for your education. do we want that?
  • Mar 5 2012: Any thing which you get or comes as free has got no value. A price less advice, unasked recommendation for a job, volunteered help for suggestion to your boss – will always taken with pinch of slat. The value factor is what everyone look around and the greater amount you pay the great value is attached to that knowledge. Presently most of the things we can learn from Google, gain knowledge and become wiser. I was surprised when some one was asking his assistant a clarification with a caution that he should not Google it, as he has already looked into the Google. The theory is that free knowledge is under valued.
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    Mar 4 2012: It's not fair that the society we live in doesn't want their people smart but business like , like their zombies.
  • Mar 4 2012: Well, as time has gone by, we have seen the availability of knowledge increase exponentially along with developments in encyclopedic technologies such as the internet. Free education is in impossibility in a world that demands concrete, cash reward for its efforts. Sleep well at night knowing that there are public volunteers who break this mold. "WE as a people should all want to learn and further the human mind set pass the horizon pass the stars." Unfortunately, all of us do not share this goal. Many of us are content to live our lives with what is available to us, and it's our right as a American citizens to do so. What we need is a philanthropic explosion of knowledge, akin to Wikileaks. For the pay-to-learn system to collapse, we need to bridge the gap between the knowledge and the person pursuing it, just as wikileaks bridged the gap between confidential agencies around the world eager to gain an advantage on the other. An ironically contrasting example to the pursuit of knowledge, yes, but I think the analogy holds. The closest thing we have today is the public library and programs like PBS.