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What is your MOTIVATION?

What is the source of your motivation of doing things...? Please share...:)

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    Mar 4 2012: Mine is LOVE

    Love of knowledge keeps me learning.

    Love of individuals keeps me communicating.

    Love of experiences keeps me adventuring.

    Love of food keeps me cooking new things.

    Love of family keeps me grounded.

    Love of self keeps me happy.

    Love of God keeps me faithful.
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      Mar 4 2012: Mary! Amazing. I have become a fan of yours..:) The points you have brought here, are the sources of motivation for me...:)

      By the way, I recently has written an article for ChangeThis. I am requesting you heartily to go through the whole write up. I believe you are gonna like it. Please give me your honest feedback.

      This is the link:
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        Mar 4 2012: Hi Niaz, thank you.

        I will read it tomorrow, as today I have many obligations.

        I will give you an honest feedback.

        I am nobody special Niaz......just that time, and experiences have started to polish my rough edges, and I try to help others with what I have learned. There is more happines in giving, than in receiving. Don't you think so?

        Be Well.
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          Mar 4 2012: Yes! You are right. Now I am 23. But I do study a LOT! I have watched more than 900 TED videos. Read more than thousands books on different areas. I love to observe. My realization towards life is only to give. And in my conscious mind, I do help people. And I will die trying to make this world a better place to live in. I will surely change the life of 100 people and give them a worthy life with the help of almighty god.

          To be seeing a smiling face of deprive is better than having 100 days dinner at 5 star hotel. Trust me. Together we can make those deprive people happy. And it really matters!

          Thanks you so much.
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        Mar 7 2012: Niaz, I visited your site. It was very very different from anything I have seen.

        At first I thought it was a message of in romantic love......then I realized that it is your take on how businesses should treat consumers.

        How very delightful. Have you had much success?

        Love is the last thing businesses use here, that is, unless they are celebrating Valentines and they want you to buy gifts for your significant other.

        It is very original Niaz. I also enjoyed the layout of your website. I tried to send you an email directly through it, but it did not prompt me to fill out a "contact" form. Maybe I just went to the wrong part.

        Anyways, wonderful work. And all from a 23 year old....Congratulations.

        At 23, many many years ago, computers were not even talked about in my circle of friends, and cell phones were not even known. Look how far we've come!!

        Be Well. And as a famous song says: "All you need is love, love is all you need".
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          Mar 7 2012: Thank you so much for these kinds words. Actually, I am a passionate guy. People sometimes get angry to see the level of patience and passion of mine. I do have a clear vision. I do work 19 hours a day. I really want to leave a body of work before my final breadth.

          Yah! I am 23. But I am the founder of first ever online knowledge hub of Bangladesh, NiazBiz( I am going to publish 2 full length books of mine internationally. One is 'The Ultimate Blogging' ( Another one is on social problems of Bangladesh (Here I have been doing research for 5 years to find out the value based, philosophical, beliefs and integrity based, change management based problems of Bangladesh. In addition to that, ChangeThis is the best medium to publish manifestos and spreading great ideas. They have selected 5 of my manifestos and all of them got highest votes based on the voting of ChangeThis community. 'Love will keep us alive' is one of them. I am truly grateful to you as you have read the summary. I will post the whole article once they make the call.

          I am doing so many projects. I guess I will be able to have chat with you and we will share our ideas, innovations, works, vision one day.

          Finally, I have gotten 'Front-Line Full Scholarship to attend TEDMED 2012' from April 10th-13th with 1000 adventurous thinkers and doers, from a wide array of medical and non-medical disciplines, at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. So coming to rock TEDMED soon....:))

          Take very good care.
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    Apr 2 2012: mine is to think in a very godd way.for example;while ı am doing something;ı think ı will be the best and ı will just do it!ı have no any option.and;ı am not telling:oh my God ı cannot do it;it is impossible.these sentences just include unhappiness and unsuccessful life standart.
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      Apr 2 2012: Fascinating!

      Thank you Tuba for sharing your motivation.
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    Mar 6 2012: Intrensic. I do not respond as well to extrensic.
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    Mar 4 2012: My motivations is the desire to access the result.
  • Mar 3 2012: My motivation's are wonder and wander

    Carl Sagan Helped me realize some things and since then, all i can do is think about things