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Indian high-school education: Is it too ambition-oriented?

With the rise in craze for admissions in IITs and NITs in India since the last decade, are the Indian high-schools becoming too ambition-oriented? We see coaching centres, "IIT-JEE target programmes" "IIT-coaching for class 8"...... No doubt this is killing the life of students, but is this really required? How much do these institutes help? Are they making us too theoretical-learners rather than learners with scientific temper and spirit of inquiry? What do you say?

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    Mar 4 2012: I have noticed this with young indians i have met that they are highly ambitious which is not a bad trait except it seems magnified for some reason.
  • Mar 3 2012: Its a kind of "Goat syndrome" a.k.a ADWOS - "Acute dependence on what others say". You can't stop it. When you are driving on a road, the herd of goats move towards you - You just stop the engine and rather enjoy them. Unless your son is studying in Namonarayna or Bakvas colleges or tutorials - you can not speak about your worth in your office. You know these students are being dropped at these tutorial colleges by their parents official vehicles at this age. I am not jealous. But where and when and how they will watch the real world to form an opinion. I reside near by such a college - I observe that these students must have done some thing wrong in their earlier birth so they are "jailed" at this age. When my next door persons sends his son to a distance of 25 km in a AC Bus - to study elementary classes - I feel I am blessed that my parents made me to study in a school where room's roof-tops were covered with grass and we were sitting on the floor and writing on slate. The fast growing economy - I am sorry - corruption has created undeclared wealth and so there must be a drain for that other wise the currency notes will be spoiled - The easy money - easy admission and easy degrees and easy marriage - There is one open truth: The medical and engineering colleges were allowed to double the management quota. So, after 10 or 15 years - you will have to turn to Ayurveda instead of going for Hospital and cross the rivers by a boat not by any recently constructed bridges.
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      Mar 4 2012: Yes, I do see some extravagance in the field of education, like going to school in an AC bus, etc.