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Happy, hopeful morning everyone! How are YOU going to change the world today?

It is morning on my side of the world, and though I'm sure this doesn't apply to most of you, I would just like to wish you all a beautiful day full of hope and action. It's in the little things you do, everyday, that you help good travel from person to person.
Today, I am going to help my friends with their fundraiser. I am going to smile and evoke as many smiles as I can in those around me. I am going to find people with the right blood type to donate blood to our friend, Samer, who was shot in the stomach when his pharmacy was robbed, two nights ago, and is still in very critical condition. I would like to ask all of you to send out your thoughts, your energy, and your prayers to Samer, regardless of your beliefs. Together we can hope for him, hope that he manages to recover, and hope that if he doesn't stay here, he will have a smoothe and beautiful transition.
I would like to ask you all, what are the little things you plan on doing today to help make the world a better place?
Thank you all for giving a few minutes of your life for a good cause, whatever that cause may be.


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    Mar 5 2012: Samer is lucky to have you as a friend. My good thoughts, positive energy and prayers are with you.
    • Mar 6 2012: Thank you! It's great to have your thoughts and energy from across the ocean, I appreciate it, and I am sure Samer does as well.

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