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Our beliefs are based upon our experiences vs Our experiences are created by our beliefs

I guess it's fair to say that this could be considered a reality shifting question. It asks a lot. 2 statements similar in wording yet 2 statements that are worlds apart. When I realised which one I'd been living by I chose to adopt the other, and a weight was lifted momentarily as a new improved weight pressed down on me: the weight of the freedom within empowerment, which at first can seem even heavier: empowerment delivered by taking responsibility, delivered by considering the question.

So... I wonder... Which do you think is the way it is?
Care to say?

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    Mar 3 2012: A good question. In my opinion, it ought to be both, ie. we believe something, so our experiences are created accordingly AND we experinece something, so our beliefs are influenced by what we experience. But, where did the first belief come from? Probably the best thing that can answer this is a psychological approach called "Transactional analysis" and the "Parent-Adult-Child (P-A-C)" Model. Accoring to wikipedia, P-A-C states that "...At any given time, a person experiences and manifests their personality through a mixture of behaviours, thoughts and feelings..." So the first belief that shapes our experinece comes from an experience!

    Sources : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transactional_Analysis
    There's another fomrmer best-seller which contains excellent info : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I'm_OK,_You're_OK

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      Mar 4 2012: How early in our development might we begin forming beliefs?
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        Mar 5 2012: I guess we mostly form beliefs during childhood (pre-teenage), because that is the age when we don't find for reasons/proofs, but just accept whatever is happeining before us.
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        Mar 5 2012: Interesting ideas Simon and Vineet:>)
        It is scientifically proven that while still in the womb, babies start being influenced by the mother and activity around them:>) There's a TED talk on this subject...I'll put the link here when/if I can remember!

        Also scientifically proven that by the time a child is 2-4 years old, her/his personality is formed.

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