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WHAT IF... we link the ideals of Bryan Stevenson with the infinite possibilities of the City 2.0 ? What can WE do together... IDEAS?

Bryan Stevenson, Public Interest Lawyer "I think the opposite of poverty is justice." TED 2012
consider his thoughts... and consider yours... and then the Heart & Mind of the City 2.0.... what adds up for YOU?


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  • Mar 6 2012: I believe that Mitch is hitting on all the right points. To answer your question Terry we have to examine the injustice of City 1.0 to design the justice system of City 2.0

    I think that there is a widespread disbelief, especially in low income communities, in what used to be called "the American Dream." As Mitch pointed out, we have groups of people that have expectations of themselves for the future. There are groups that undoubtedly will deny their chance of ever going to jail, while other groups will describe a future incarceration as inevitable. These expectations are not only learned in the classroom, but also witnessed on a larger scale within society as a whole. The injustice is not solely in letting disadvantages among classes exist. Even worse than that the true injustice is not letting each American, regardless of class, believe in opportunity.

    In Bryan Stevenson's talk he specifically discussed the African-American's lack of opportunity. This included lack of opportunity to be tried as a child, lack of opportunity to be tried without the bias of race, and I argue just the overall lack of opportunity. I believe that we must educate every individual on opportunity. Regardless of obstacles, we must train the character of every individual, just as Jimmy the janitor did. Not every American beliefs in "the American Dream," but I believe this talk was a good reminder to: "keep your eyes on the prize and hold on."
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      Mar 6 2012: I think the work of Jane Elliot is very cogent.
      (I recommend you view the videos).

      In terms of education, I believe that every child should experience the brown eyes/blue eyes program.

      Not knowing who and what we are is a great barrier to finding our way to who and what we can be.
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      Mar 6 2012: Alexander i appreciate your point... "the lack of opportunity" across race, gender and borders, I feel this also applies in many ways to where I work with child soldiers, and in many cases child trafficking, the crime is so wide-spread it is often deemed as complex, yet, at the core, given a better opportunity, a better choice for the chain of criminal activity- changes the victimization of the innocent. In the case of child soldiers, the same economics that create the existence of child soldiers, can effectively eliminate it. I think we have the opportunity to create a brighter City 2.0 from the ground up, than perhaps converting an existing cities, either way is possible and lifting from the energy of positive deviants is a brilliant start....

      and thanks Mitch for the recommendation..

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