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Can we invent our way out of our coming crises?

In his talk: The Future is Abundance it is posited that we will or al;ready have invented all that is necessary to meet the needs of the future in terms of food, energy and water shortages that we currently face.

The statement that he made that really caught my attention was "demonetizing".

I fear that there are two problems with inventing our way out, first, scarcity is profitable and there are those who do not wish to lose that profit regardless of what scarcity costs humanity. The second is that humans are slow to adapt. We are an incredibly adaptable species, but we do fight it. I think the retreat to religiosity that is gripping nations from Iran to the US is a reaction to swift technological change.

So, is he right? Can we invent our way out of the crises we face in energy, food and water?

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    Mar 30 2012: The short answer is no, or at least not until we are capable of creating matter out of nothing. All kinds of commodities/products and most definitely the scarce resources need to be translatable into universally recognised mediums. This is the function of all types of currencies in the world and it took mankind almost three millennia to come to a point where there are essentially very few currencies representing a much wider array of social formations, which in effect is one of the forces driving the globalization of economies. We may try to establish a universal currency and attempt to equalize prices at a global level, but I remain doubtful that this approach would be pursued by our greedy Western World.

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