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Can we invent our way out of our coming crises?

In his talk: The Future is Abundance it is posited that we will or al;ready have invented all that is necessary to meet the needs of the future in terms of food, energy and water shortages that we currently face.

The statement that he made that really caught my attention was "demonetizing".

I fear that there are two problems with inventing our way out, first, scarcity is profitable and there are those who do not wish to lose that profit regardless of what scarcity costs humanity. The second is that humans are slow to adapt. We are an incredibly adaptable species, but we do fight it. I think the retreat to religiosity that is gripping nations from Iran to the US is a reaction to swift technological change.

So, is he right? Can we invent our way out of the crises we face in energy, food and water?

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  • Mar 28 2012: I believe we can definitely fulfil this mission but a lot of hard work must be done in order to accomplish it. The people willing to help will be the ones creating the future. Our united voice should be earth shaking loud. EVERYONE needs to know, wether they feel like it or not.

    Our voice should be heard and spread all over the WORLD. Not leaving it to the wish of luck but to the cause and effect law. We must work a lot! Very hard!! Give OUR best!!! Bring awareness to the world is the best solution.

    We all need this change. At the same time, as we know, some POWERFUL people don't want the change, being that a matter of ignorance that we can only fight together. If we can bring awareness of the advantages of a new world, for the best of ALL. If we allow people to enjoy the view of a global perspective with roots on love, peace and education. If we could only tell the people who they really are and how powerful we can be all together. If we could expose all the truth with a very well planned strategy that allows everyone to hear us.

    If we could once again believe in ourselves and not the rest of them , it would be easy to never face a crises after the last one ever again.

    If 2012 is the year that was chosen it is the best year to start building the beginning of ourselves again. To allow us to learn from each other and show who we really are. NOT for personal benefits but to benefit OUR WORLD, planet Earth, shouldn't we be grateful about it? Let's take good care of it and together make a better place for the upcoming generations, for our children and everything that comes after them. WE ARE THE WORLD!!!! LETS GET TOGt ETHER AND GET IT DONE!! !!! the people that have been trying to keep us separated.

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