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Can we invent our way out of our coming crises?

In his talk: The Future is Abundance it is posited that we will or al;ready have invented all that is necessary to meet the needs of the future in terms of food, energy and water shortages that we currently face.

The statement that he made that really caught my attention was "demonetizing".

I fear that there are two problems with inventing our way out, first, scarcity is profitable and there are those who do not wish to lose that profit regardless of what scarcity costs humanity. The second is that humans are slow to adapt. We are an incredibly adaptable species, but we do fight it. I think the retreat to religiosity that is gripping nations from Iran to the US is a reaction to swift technological change.

So, is he right? Can we invent our way out of the crises we face in energy, food and water?

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  • Mar 21 2012: o Everything is delivered by trucks today, like it or not these behemoths’ are a necessary evil and idling trucks are a problem. They are expensive for fleets or owner/operators and they impact the environment to such a degree that some states have banned idling trucks because of the carbon emissions. Even so, drivers must rest and temperature control is needed inside the cab and sleeper berth for these drivers. If you ever have pulled into a trucker rest stop at any time of the day you will hear them running there air conditioners and heaters for this needed comfort and for their required sleep, to keep them alert for their safety as well as ours who share the streets with them.
    Morpheus: The human body generates more bio-electricity than a 120-volt battery and over 25,000 BTUs of body heat.
    It seems the really big problem is cooling during the summer months. To solve this problem I believe there are several solutions that can be used
    • Mar 27 2012: Paul there is a solution to this that is in place in a number of truck stops but only about 25% so far have them, They are overhead racks of "life support systems" that the truck hooks up to. It saves enormous amounts of fuel and reduces GHG. Howver, it require structural investment that many truck stop owners (who also sell fuel to these trucks) are reluctant to invest.

      • Mar 27 2012: I'm aware of these but like you say they have shut down most of them< when I was laid off last year from teaching I had to do something I tried truck driving (what a mistake) but anyway I learned allot about trucking. The sound at night is deafening all that power of running trucks. I know there is a better way has to be

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