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Are Navy SEALs (and other special forces units) necessary in keeping the peace or a force driving war?

With the recently released movie, Act of Valor, I am curious whether TEDsters feel elite forces like this are a positive or a negative force; a necessary evil or an unnecessary impetus of global force and control.

What do you think of the Navy SEALs and other elite special forces units? Would you understand/support a male's unwavering desire to become a member of a unit like the Navy SEALs?


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  • Mar 3 2012: Brent, Special Forces Units are neither positive nor negative. I would not even call the a "Necessary Evil"!

    Spec Ops types give our government the option of handling issues with out deploying hundreds of thousands of (main body or conventional forces) soldisers, sailors, airmen and marines. Employment of Spec Ops means that you get the bad guy you want, free the hostages, etc... with out having to take down an entire country. The locals in the area that they operate in may not even know that Spec Ops assets are there!!!

    You See?? Nice and Clean!!! No CNN Cameras!! No crying little kids or old women on MSNBC!!

    As far as a desire to be a SEAL??? I think that the testosterone rush make young guys want to be heros!!! It's Natural!!

    But, you can miss the mildstones of your life, Kids, birth, first days of schools, even high school graduation!! Sometimes you don't know who died in your family. You can go through wives pretty quickly!! And the abuse that you do to your body in your 20's creates the aches and pains you feel (both mental and physical) in your forties!!

    Then you might realize that you take an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution, but you may violate those rights of others. You may even grow to feel like "Muscle" for Exxon, Mobil, etc.... they win not the American people.

    Finally, in you late forties, after running off wives, with a sore body, and skill sets best suited for work in the Mafia
    The current job market really sucks!!!

    If you can handle that You a a special kind of guy and the Super Soldier Community Needs you!!!

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