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What kind of education reform do we need?

Human consciousness is powered by intelligence and emotional intelligence. While we have hundreds of subjects/courses to educate our intelligence we have zero courses for educating our emotional intelligence. We not only ignore emotional intelligence education, we even pollute our emotional intelligence with wrong beliefs and prejudices. The time has come to wake up to the fact that we must create a compulsory subject that teaches emotional intelligence.

We have researched emotional intelligence for the last 35+ years and have figured out that emotional intelligence at the super mature stage is none other than wisdom. We have also found that wisdom is a cover word for the attributes of selflessness. Thus wisdom, which is the highest educated stage of emotional intelligence is selflessness. Thus wisdom education is selflessness education which means that wisdom education is simply selfishness removing education.

Our current education system creates phony self images instead of developing the real self. The real self is innately wise and our education goal has to be to create the pure self in each and every student. The pure self is generated by the pure brain. The pure brain is a product of an emotional baggage free brain. This emotional baggage is none other than selfishness.

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