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Development or Destruction, where are we heading?

In this blind race of development, are we not realizing that we are not developing but moving ahead towards destruction. As with this so called development we are facing serious problems like global warming, ozone layer problem, change in weather cycle and a lot more. In modern times only because of the indicators of our so called development, mankind is living a restless & complex life in a lot of fears, where he developed these tools for secure, peaceful & luxurious life.


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    Mar 30 2012: I think the simple but not so simple answer to this is we should strive to understand everything before blindly going forward, which is part of the scientific method. Doesn't always work but this universe is full of improbabilities, not impossibilities. So it order to move forward we have to take that step. I better stop rambling before it becomes a bunch of what if non sense.
    Thank you for your time.

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