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What is 'Being Healthy' according to you?

'Being Healthy' means different to different people. Some connect it with their body, some with mind and so on. What does 'Being healthy' means to you?

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    Mar 3 2012: For me health is about physical, mental and emotional / spiritual wellbeing. Physical health includes my level of fitness and BMI as much as being well i.e. not being sick or diseased. Mental wellness includes vitality, happiness, my ability to focus and maintain a rational perspective about life. Emotional / spiritual health is linked to mental health but involves my ability to remain calm and balanced when faced with life’s upheavals, bereavements and crises as well as my faith and feelings of connectedness to God / higher power…

    A few years ago, I wouldn’t have given much thought to my mental health, but then I experienced vicious work place bullying which resulted in me suffering reactive depression. I now consider this aspects of health to be the most crucial to maintaining over all good health. When I was at my lowest my physical health deteriorated as I stopped exercising and my diet became poor due to comfort eating - lots of carbs. I became over weight and felt sluggish. Physically, I felt very unwell with psychosomatic pains and I became susceptible to minor illnesses such as colds and flu. I honestly believe it was only my innate emotional / spiritual wellbeing that prevented me from going under. I’ve totally changed my life now and regained my physical health, however, I am highly protective of my mental health and will never risk its damage again. Valuable lessons were learnt.
  • Mar 2 2012: 1. Not having fear of death
    2. Can able laugh heartily
    3. Not counting one's age
    4. Able to browse Internet for more than 12 hours a day.
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    Mar 2 2012: To me, good health is balance of three sides: physical, mental and spiritual, each made up of their own competing interests.

    On the physical side Im confronted each day with the very real threat that if the battery for my mother's VAD goes flat, she's dead. That closeness to death puts physical health in a whole new arena for me: where its not about the whole of your body being in perfect working order but rather the way in which you use what ever you are given (stamina, muscularity, cardiovascular health, etc). Ill admit I carry extra weight, but at the same time Im healthy because I can still run up the hill my house is on without getting exhausted and Im as string as i feel I need to be.

    Healthyness is also about having a balance between my self image and my morality. Im not healthy (mentally and spiritually) unless I am living the standards i set myself. Im not healthy if i cant accept what I see in the mirror, or when i think about my intelligence.

    In short healthiness for me is living to a standard where I do my best with what i am given and constantly stirve to improve in everything I do and am.
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    Mar 2 2012: Eat hard...sleep well...avoid anything which makes you (or anybody else for that matter) feel negative in the long run...don't gossip...waste porn... In short, keep busy with constructive things. Sounds like a recipe for contentment rather than good health. Maybe they go hand in hand.
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    Mar 2 2012: I believe I'm healthy if I'm full of energy even at the time I'm calling it a day.