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The City 2.0 according to YOU... 2 Things a City that YOU design, Must Have...

1. 2. The City that Becomes You... [ Brevity and Bravado Appreciated ]


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    Mar 12 2012: ...

    WHAT IF... we create a top 20 criteria and correlating measures of a successful city, and mine best practices of Cities throughout the world against each of these criteria ? -see if we can combine best practices, positive deviants and explore the synergy to create the City 2.0 ?

    eg.1) Best sustainable public transport. 2) Best integration of creative and quiet places 3) Best sewage systems 4) Highest level of Citizen satisfaction 5) Best system of rule. 6)... 7)...
    • Mar 24 2012: Like your idea. How can I help you make this happen? Great conversation. Thank you for starting it.

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